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The collectors —Feagan, Alice, author, illustrator.

"Winslow and Rosie are collectors who can find nearly anything. Their impressive collection of natural wonders is almost complete -- it's just missing one final piece. So the girls pack their gear and set off on a quest ...

The collectors —West, Jacqueline, 1979- author.

Overlooked in class, a hearing-impaired boy who collects lost or discarded trinkets discovers a dangerous underground world full of stolen wishes and the people who collect them.

Daisy —Bagley, Jessixa, author, illustrator.

Because she is teased at school, Daisy hangs her head a lot, which leads to a new hobby of collecting lost and broken items, and to a real treasure--a new friend.

A storm of wishes —West, Jacqueline, 1979- author.

It's been only a few weeks since Van uncovered a magical secret-- that wishes really can come true, and that a mysterious society called the Collectors protects us from the dire consequences even the smallest wish can ha...

Rocket's 100th day of school —Hills, Tad, author, illustrator.

Rocket the dog is excited about the 100th day of school and enlists the help of his friends to collect one hundred special things to bring to class, from heart-shaped stones found with Mr. Barker to feathers Owl provides...

Lawrence in the fall —Farina, Matthew, author.

Lawrence the fox accompanies his father into the forest to collect something to take to his school show-and-tell, and while briefly lost and alone, Lawrence encounters the beauty of nature and finds exactly what he needs...

The matchbox diary —Fleischman, Paul, author.

Follow a girl's perusal of her great-grandfather's collection of matchboxes and small curios that document his poignant immigration journey from Italy to a new country.

Cork & Fuzz : the collectors —Chaconas, Dori, 1938-

When best friends Cork and Fuzz go to the pond to collect shiny stones, they happen upon a duck's nest just as the eggs are hatching and Fuzz, who is wearing a feather from his collection, is collected by the mother duck...

Memory jars —Brosgol, Vera, author, illustrator.

Freda uses jars to save everything from a chocolate chip cookie to the full moon, just as her grandmother saves summer blueberries. Includes a recipe for blueberry jam.

The word collector —Wimmer, Sonja.

Luna has a passion for words. She loves their light and they make her smile. But one day she notices that, little by little, the beautiful, magnificent, fun words are disappearing, so she decided to do something about it...

James to the rescue —Broach, Elise.

"Marvin the beetle is going collecting with his family. All is good and well until Uncle Albert gets hurt. Marvin needs his human friend James's help to save Uncle Albert before it's too late"-- Provided by publisher.

Alfred Zector, book collector —DiPucchio, Kelly

Alfred so loves books that he spends much of his life collecting every one in his town, and when his collection is complete he sets out to read each tome, while the lives of the townspeople grow dull and dreary.

The woman who saved things —Krasilovsky, Phyllis.

Even though she doesn't always find a use for the things she collects, an old woman continues to fill her house with interesting items.

Max's words —Banks, Kate, 1960-

When Max cuts out words from magazines and newspapers, collecting them the way his brothers collect stamps and coins, they all learn about words, sentences, and storytelling.

In a jar —Marcero, Deborah, author, illustrator.

When Llewellyn, a little rabbit who collects ordinary things in jars, meets a young girl named Evelyn, he joins with her to capture the extraordinary.

The word collector —Reynolds, Peter H. (Peter Hamilton), 1961- author, illustrator.
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Jerome enjoys collecting and using words that he hears, reads, or sees, and then decides to share his collection with others.

Dakota Crumb : tiny treasure hunter —Michalak, Jamie, author.
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Dakota Crumb: Tiny Treasure Hunter is both a rollicking story with a dash of danger and, in its final eye-popping spreads, a seek-and-find challenge. As the clock in the great museum tick-toocks pas midnight, a little mo...

Hats off to Mr. Pockles! —Lloyd-Jones, Sally, 1960- author.

When disaster strikes, Mr. Pockles, a reclusive little dog with a big hat collection, comes to the aid of renowned panda, Lady Satsuma, and begins collecting friends.

Hats off to Mr. Pockles! —Lloyd-Jones, Sally, 1960- author.

When disaster strikes, Mr. Pockles, a reclusive little dog with a big hat collection, comes to the aid of renowned panda, Lady Satsuma, and begins collecting friends.

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