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The Princess in Black and the bathtime battle —Hale, Shannon, author.

The Princess in Black is in a very stinky situation. A foul cloud is plaguing the goat pasture, and it smells worse than a pile of dirty diapers or a trash can on a hot summer day. But every time the Princess in Black an...

Dragon is coming! —Gorbachev, Valeri.

Mouse frightens all of the animals she sees by shouting that a dragon is going to eat the sun, and then come after them.

Blue floats away —Jonker, Travis, author.

Little Blue is very close to his iceberg parents so when he suddenly breaks away from them, he promises to return and, after traveling far and undergoing big changes, he may succeed.

Ivy and the lonely raincloud —Harnett, Katie, author, illustrator.

A lonely little raincloud searches for a friend who might like rain.

Wayside School beneath the Cloud of Doom —Sachar, Louis, 1954- author.

Follows the adventures and misadventures of students and staff as they cope with the effects of a large, gloomy cloud that has settled over Wayside School.

Clouds —Bauer, Marion Dane.

Illustrations and simple text explain three types of clouds, stratus, cumulus, and cirrus.

Freddie & Gingersnap find a cloud to keep —Kirsch, Vincent X., author, illustrator.

When Freddie the dinosaur and Gingersnap the dragon climb up high hoping to meet a cloud, they find a very curious one, indeed, and while they cannot keep it, it does leave them with something special.

Willy and the cloud —Browne, Anthony, 1946- author, illustrator.

One warm, sunny day, Willy the Chimp decides to go to the park. There s not a cloud in the sky, except for just a little tiny one. It doesn't bother Willy too much at first. But as the cloud follows him, it grows bigger ...

The Cloudspotter —McLaughlin, Tom, 1976- author, artist.

His real name was Franklin. But everyone called him The Cloudspotter ... The Cloudspotter doesn't have many friends. He spends his time, all by himself, spotting not just clouds but adventures in the sky. This way, he do...

The cloud artist —Maret, Sherri, author.

Leona, a little Choctaw girl, is the first cloud painter to be born in generations. She likes nothing better than to use the big blue sky as a canvas to the delight of her people. Then a traveling man comes to town and i...

Sector 7 —Wiesner, David.

While on a school trip to the Empire State Building, a boy is taken by a friendly cloud to visit Sector 7, where he discovers how clouds are shaped and channeled throughout the country.

Lola shapes the sky —Greenley, Wendy, author.

"A cloud with a mind of her own and a gift for making awe-inspiring shapes encourages her friends to go beyond their practical functions and expand their imaginative horizons"-- Provided by publisher.

What do you see —Leaney, Cindy.

The sight of an eagle nesting in a nearby tree leads the friends to think of animals they might like to be.

When Cloud became a cloud —Hodgson, Rob, author, illustrator.

"Meet Cloud! Follow along as she moves, transforms, precipitates, and more in this charming and humorous portrayal of the water cycle. From drizzle to snow to a thunderstorm party, Cloud's journey is documented through s...

Cloudette —Lichtenheld, Tom

Cloudette, the littlest cloud, finds a way to do something big and important as the other clouds do.

Little cloud —Carle, Eric, author.

A little cloud becomes all sorts of things-- sheep, an airplane, trees, a hat--before joining other clouds and raining.

The police cloud —Niemann, Christoph.

A small cloud that has always dreamed of becoming a police officer discovers that he might not be suited to the job.

Little cloud —Carle, Eric.

A little cloud becomes all sorts of things-- sheep, an airplane, trees, a hat--before joining other clouds and raining.

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