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14 Results
Romance & cigarettes

When Kitty discovers Nick is having an affair with the sultry seductress Tula, their rocky relationship gets a whole lot rockier. Nick finds himself facing a full-scale revolt from his daughters at home, and Kitty enlist...

W5. Smoke out

W5 investigates Canada's contraband cigarette market. When a pack of 20 costs as little as three dollars and a bag of 200 singles costs ten, it's a deal many young smokers can't seem to refuse. And public health official...

Coffee and cigarettes

A cinematic celebration of life and its addictions in 11 vignettes, featuring an eclectic cast of performers as they sip coffee, smoke cigarettes and discuss life.

Tobacco and your mouth : the incredibly disgusting story —Winters, Adam, 1951-

Discusses addiction to cigarettes, how it is encouraged by advertising, the physiological damage it can cause, reasons to avoid starting, and ways to quit.

E-cigarette and vaping risks —Lundquist-Arora, Stephanie, author.

"E-cigarettes, and other electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) - including vapes, vaporizers, vape pens, hookah pens, mods, and e-pipes - are growing in popularity globally. It is becoming increasingly clear that t...

Quit vaping : your four-step, 28-day program to stop smoking e-cigarettes —Lamm, Brad, author.

"Certified interventionist Brad Lamm debunks the myths spread by the thriving e-cigarette industry and its supporters, revealing the truth about the effects of inhaling these highly dangerous aerosols. Then he offers a s...

Big vape : the incendiary rise of Juul —Ducharme, Jamie, author.

"A work of narrative nonfiction chronicling the rise of Juul, the most prominent e-cigarette company, and the birth of a new addiction"-- Provided by publisher.

The dangers of e-cigarettes —Parks, Peggy J., 1951-

Health officials have become alarmed at the exploding popularity of e-cigarettes because so much remains unknown about them. The Dangers of E-Cigarettes discusses the scope of the problem, effects of vaping, addiction po...

The cigarette book the history and culture of smoking —Harrald, Chris.

Arranged in dictionary format, a souvenir of the era in which the cigarette and everything about it was celebrated.

E-cigarettes and their dangers —Cornell, Kari A., author.

"Looks at the consequences of e-cigarette use on the body, e-cigarettes as a gateway to other drug use, and what withdrawal and treatment looks like for users"-- Provided by publisher.