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876 Results
You are special —Lucado, Max.

Punchinello's opinion of himself changes after talking to his creator.

Just another girl : a novel —Carlson, Melody.

Sixteen-year-old Aster, caught between a self-absorbed older sister and a mentally-disabled younger one, yearns for a normal life and, with her first boyfriend's encouragement and trust in God, she begins to make things ...

Millie's steadfast love —Finley, Martha, 1828-1909.

After being banished from her uncle's Southern plantation, teenager Millie Keith encounters both mysterious travelers and moral dilemmas to her Christian way of life, as she journeys back home to Indiana.

The tender years —Oke, Janette, 1935-

A girl on the Prairies is torn between loyalty to her parents and to a friend. Virginia is very much taken by adventurous Jenny, but her parents consider Jenny a bad influence and wish she would end the friendship. Virgi...

I promise —Gunn, Robin Jones, 1955-

Christy believes her engagement to Todd to be a dream come true, but instead they encounter turmoil and conflict.

Mixed bags —Carlson, Melody.

DJ's grandmother is a former fashion model who has restored an old mansion and turned it into a boarding house for rich teenaged girls who are interested in fashion, presenting DJ with a conflict between retaining her to...

Millie's courageous days —Finley, Martha, 1828-1909.

In 1833, twelve-year old Millie Keith finds her faith tested in her new hometown on the frontier in Indiana.

Best family ever —Kingsbury, Karen, author.

"When Dr. Baxter tells the family that they will be moving from Ann Arbor, Michigan, to Bloomington, Indiana, the five Baxter children, ages six to thirteen, are sure that their lives and home will never be the same. But...

Millie's faithful heart —Finley, Martha, 1828-1909.

Before arriving at her uncle's Southern plantation, Millie Keith vowed to give her heart to Jesus, to honor her parents, and to always follow God's will, but she finds her convictions tested in ways she never imagined af...

When joy came to stay —Kingsbury, Karen.

Maggie Stovall is trapped inside a person she's spent years carefully crafting. Now the truth about who she is--and what she's done--is bursting to the surface and sending Maggie into a spiral of despair. Will Maggie wal...

The sunflower parable —Higgs, Liz Curtis.

Logan discovers how much good can come from the sunflowers he lovingly tends all summer. Text is interspersed with Bible verses.

The princess twins and the birthday party —Hodgson, Mona Gansberg, 1954-

After spending hours preparing for their birthday party, the twin princesses Abby and Emma learn that outward appearances should only be a reflection of inner beauty.

Hidden riches —Jenkins, Jerry B.

While Bryce investigates who has framed their friend Boo for robbery, twin sister Ashley tries to find the previous owner of a painting, which had a map and a large amount of cash hidden in back.

Bright purple : color me confused —Carlson, Melody.

When Ramona learns that her best friend since grade school is a lesbian, she struggles to decide how to respond, knowing that people of her community, and even her church, have trouble discussing homosexuality civilly.

The bluebird and the sparrow —Oke, Janette, 1935-

An elder sister feels she is plain in comparison to her beautiful younger sister and must look into her heart to discover the true differences between them.

The Queen's smuggler. —Jackson, Dave, 1944-

Sarah tries to smuggle a New Testament into England in order to save the life of William Tyndale, a man imprisoned for translating the Bible into English.

A Texas bond —Vannatter, Shannon Taylor.

"Learning he's an uncle shocks Ross Lyles--but after years of handling his brother's bombshells, at least this surprise is a blessing. A pair of five-year-old blessings Ross is determined to meet, if he can convince thei...

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