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43 Results

Learn about the settlers, how they established communites across Canada and how they survived the harsh winters and political battles.

Britain's Canada, 1613-1770 —Nelson, Sheila.

Describes the conflicts between England and France for control of Canadian territory.

Claiming the wilderness [and] Battle for a continent

CLAIMING THE WILDERNESS : In the late 1600's, New France's growing populace includes shopkeepers, artisans, farmers and fur-trading expansionists. But fast paced growth leads to conflicts that threaten the new society. ...

A question of loyaties [1775 to 1815]

In 1775, American rebels invade Canada, but the invasion fails when les Canadiens refuse to take up arms against British rule. The mass migration of Loyalist refugees that follows creates an English-speaking Canada virt...

The hungry year —Crook, Connie Brummel.

Twelve-year-old Kate has always had to be more responsible than other girls her age. Since her mother's death and their flight to Canada, her father has relied on her to keep house and look after her twin brothers. In a ...

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