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28 Results
Storming Juno

Discover the crucial role the Canadian military played in one of the most decisive battles of World War II as director Tim Wolochatiuk details the battle at Juno beach during the Allied invasion of Normandy. The date: Ju...

Dieppe don't call it a failure

Some will say, "Not another film on Dieppe!" It will become clear when you view it why it was so very necessary to take a look at the August 1942 raid - one of Canada's most famous battles - from a different perspective....

Operation Charnwood the Canadian battle for Caen

The United States Army on D-Day, June 6, 1944, captured two of the heavily fortified beaches on the Normandy coast - Utah and Omaha. The latter will be known for the popular 1998 film Saving Private Ryan. D-Day did, inde...

The damned the Canadians at the battle of Hong Kong and the POW experience, 1941-45 —Greenfield, Nathan M., 1958-
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Fall, 1941. Almost 2,000 members of the Royal Rifles and Winnipeg Grenadiers were sent to bolster the British garrison at Hong Kong, but in the seventeen day battle for the colony following the attack on December 8, the ...

Tragedy at Dieppe Operation Jubilee, August 19, 1942 —Zuehlke, Mark.
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The story of the 1942 Dieppe raid. Nicknamed "The Poor Man's Monte Carlo," Dieppe had no strategic importance, but with the Soviet Union thrown on the ropes by German invasion and America having just entered the war, Bri...

The half-million the Canadians in Britain, 1939-1946 —Stacey, C. P. (Charles Perry), 1906-
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This social history of the Canadian soldier in Britain is based on soldiers' diaries and war censors' reports. Includes chapters on the relationship between Canadian soldiers and British women, and Canadian soldiers in t...

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