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Scaredy Squirrel goes camping —Watt, Mélanie, 1975- author, illustrator.

Afraid of camping, Scaredy Squirrel decides to watch television instead but quickly realizes he needs to plug his television into an outlet, so he makes a plan to brave the great outdoors.

The madman of Black Bear Mountain —Dixon, Franklin W., author.

Bayport High's Green Environment Conservation Club is camping on Black Bear Mountain, but the bears aren't the only danger--rumor has it that a madman with a taste for human flesh lurks in the nearby forest. When the cam...

Three days on a river in a red canoe —Williams, Vera B.

Mother, Aunt Rosie, and two children make a three-day camping trip by canoe.

Ready to go! —Harvey, Alex.

Dora and Diego prepare to go on a camping trip by getting sleeping bags, flashlights, and binoculars, but when Swiper steals their campfire snacks, they have to find them.

Watch out for the crocodile —Moroni, Lisa, 1983- author.

Children can help parents see the world in a different way. It's the first day of Dad's vacation and they're going camping. It's about time they did something fun, Tora thinks. All Dad does is work, drink coffee, sit at ...

Camp Rex —Idle, Molly Schaar.

Cordelia and her troop of dino-scouts enjoy a camping trip in the great outdoors.

Daniel Tiger's neighborhood. Daniel goes camping

It's a beautiful night in Daniel Tigers Neighborhood! Bring your jammies and come along as Daniel Tiger camps outdoors for the first time and experiences everything that makes nighttime special. From twinkling stars and ...

Quiet night —Singer, Marilyn.

One frog, two owls, three geese are joined by increasingly larger numbers of different animals that keep ten campers from falling asleep in their tent.

First Star : a Bear and Mole story —Hillenbrand, Will, author, illustrator.

While camping, Bear tells Mole the story of how the First Bears created the moon and the stars.

Owly & Wormy. Bright lights and starry nights! —Runton, Andy, author, illustrator.

On a slightly scary camping trip to study stars in the night sky, Owly and Wormy make new friends.

Caillou. Caillou goes camping

It's a beautiful night to camp underneath the stars. After learning that Grandpa took Daddy on a camping trip when Daddy was Caillou's age, Grandpa and Caillou set up a tent in the garden. Then, while Caillou and his fam...

There's no such thing —McKinnon, Heidi, author, illustrator.

"Bear can't sleep. Did you hear that? Did you feel that? What was it? It wasn't a hungry giant or a blood-sucking spider or a fire-breathing dragon because there is NO SUCH THING ... Is there?"

Backyard camp-out —Nolen, Jerdine, author.

The backyard camp-out is tonight. Jada and Jamal Perkins have never slept in a tent before. Neither have their best friends, Carlita Garcvia and Josh Cornell. Camping is going to be so much fun. Or is it? It's really dar...

Mystery in the Whispering Woods —Hapka, Cathy.

"Andrea, Mia, Stephanie, Olivia, and Emma are headed to the Whispering Woods for a summer campout! The girls build a campfire, toast marshmallows, and share spooky stories. But when they hear the legend of the Phantom Ho...

Elijah and the rock creature

When separated from his mother on a family camping trip, a young boy meets a fantastical creature that helps him find his way back home.

Sammy Keyes and the wild things —Van Draanen, Wendelin.

While on her first hiking and camping trip, thirteen-year-old Sammy tries to solve a mystery involving endangered condors while avoiding scorpions, ticks, and embarrassment.

Do princesses make happy campers? —Coyle, Carmela LaVigna.

During a family camp-out, a young girl asks many questions about what they will do, how she can help, and what they see and hear.

Body of water —Dooley, Sarah.

Twelve-year-old Ember, living in a campground after her trailer home is burnt to the ground by a fire most likely set by her best friend, whose father believes her family members are witches, finds comfort floating in th...

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