12 Results
12 Results
John Cabot —Larkin, Tanya.

Describes the life and voyages of the Italian-born explorer who claimed land in the New World for England in 1497.

John Cabot and his son Sebastian —Syme, Ronald, 1910-1992

A biography of the Venetian explorer and his son both of whom made several voyages of discovery for England including the discovery of the North American continent in 1497.

The Vikings, Cabot and Cartier —Snider, Janet, 1944-

Introduces the period of Canadian history from 900 to 1541 by discussing the explorations of the Vikings, John Cabot, and Jacques Cartier, and their encounters with the Native people of North America.

John Cabot & son —Goodnough, David.

Presents a brief biography of the Venetian explorer who laid the first English claim to the North American continent and of his son who further explored the new territory.

John Cabot : the ongoing search for a westward passage to Asia —Rengel, Marian.

Examines the facts and theories surrounding the voyages taken to North America by the English explorer John Cabot in the late 1490s.