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King Lear —Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616, author.

Presents the original text of Shakespeare's play side by side with a modern version, with marginal notes and explanations and full descriptions of each character.

King Lear

This bitter tragedy of misplaced trust, envy, power, and filial ingratitude, begins in fairy tale fashion. Intending to divide the realm among his three daughters, the aged King Lear seeks from each a testimony of love. ...

Warrior queen

The story of Boudica, queen of ancient Britain when it was a Roman province. Outraged at the plundering by Nero and Roman rulers, Boudica was victorious in battles at what are now St. Albans and Colchester. Finally in Lo...

King Lear

King Lear of Britain has decided to divide his kingdom into three parts, and to hand over the responsibilities of ruling to his three daughters. The two oldest daughters, Goneril and Regan, flatter their father insincere...

King Lear
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"King Lear has ruled for many years. As age begins to overtake him, he decides to divide his kingdom amongst his children, living out his days without the burden of power. A proud man, he allows vanity to cloud his judge...

King Lear (No Fear Shakespeare) —Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616, author.

No Fear Shakespeare gives you the complete text of King Lear on the left-hand page, side-by-side with an easy-to-understand translation on the right. Each No Fear Shakespeare contains The complete text of the original pl...

King Lear —Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616.
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A tragedy concerning a petulant king and his three daughters. Amid the political action, Lear is taken in by false avowals of love from two of his daughters, and disinherits his third because of her refusal to flatter hi...