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6 Results
The Blandon Bunch —Benson, Tom.
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The 'Linford Western Library' features a range of novels by both new and established authors. The common thread running through the series is the focus on cowboys and life during the days of the Wild West.

The devil's payroll —Green, Paul, 1967- author.
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When bounty hunter John Harrison captures fugitive outlaw Clay Barton, he's persuaded by Maggie Sloane to allow the captive to lead them to the loot robbed from an army payroll. But Barton double-crosses them and the mys...

Arizona showdown —Sunman, Corba.
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Travis Jordan was a bounty hunter with his own reasons for turning his back on normal life. Then someone appeared from his past with a plea for help. Family duty reached for him, which he could not ignore, and he returne...

Bullets over Bedlam —Brandvold, Peter.
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Flanked by six other copper stars and armed with a death warrant, U.S. Marshal Flagg is not about to let Gideon Hawk slip through his fingers. Hiding out in the sleepy border town of Bedlam, Hawk must choose between star...

Way of the gun —Hayes, Ralph.

"Fired from the Provost ranch and humiliated in front of the whole bunkhouse, Duke Latham swears vengeance on the owner Maynard Provost. Pursuing a life of crime and violence at the head of a small gang of outlaws, six m...

Iron eyes —George, Michael D.
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"Iron Eyes was a deadly bounty hunter who never brought his quarry back alive. He guns down Dan Hardy and drags the body to the sheriff's office, hoping to pick up his blood money. Instead, he must ride to El Paso to col...