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Someone to care —Balogh, Mary, author.
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Once the countess of Riverdale, widowed Viola decides to run off with Marcel, the Marquess of Dorchester, but they soon find themselves victims of the age's ideas of respectability.

The secrets between us —Lennox, Judith, author.

"It is Christmas 1937 when sisters Rowan and Thea travel from London to Scotland to visit their dying father. Having lost their mother in a tragic sailing accident when they were young, the two women are accustomed to gr...

Yours, faithfully —O'Flanagan, Sheila.

Iona Brannock and Sally Harper discover that they are married to the same man after their husband falls into a coma after an accident.

Bliss. Season 1

Andrew is an accidental bigamist. He never planned to lead a double life but as a serial 'people pleaser' he has managed to acquire two families in one city, and neither knows of the other family's existence! For fifteen...

The three Mrs. Greys —Ellis, Shelly, author.

"One wealthy businessman, a trio of unsuspecting wives, and an explosive turn of events. In this scandalous, twist-filled new series ... will too many secrets and one devastating bond unite three women--or destroy them? ...

Carrying the gentleman's secret —Dickson, Helen, author.

"Alex Golding had a duty to stop his brother-in-law's bigamous marriage. But when he saw the bride, he offered whatever comfort he could to sweet young seamstress Lydia Brook... Lydia has spent weeks trying to forget her...

War of the wives —Cohen, Tamar, 1963-

Imagine being happily married for 28 years. You have three children, a lovely house and a husband who travels a lot - but even after all this time, you still love each other. Or: imagine being happily married for 17 year...

The wives of Henry Oades : a novel —Moran, Johanna.

"In 1890, Henry Oakes decides to undertake the arduous sea voyage from England to New Zealand to further his family's fortunes. Here they settle on the lush but wild coast - but it isn't long before disaster strikes in ...

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