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110 Results
The Damascus way —Bunn, T. Davis, 1952-

In this riveting drama of the early church, Jacob, a young caravan guard, delivers messages among the new followers as he learns what it means to be a Christian--and to love and trust the young Greek girl who is neither ...

Lydia, woman of Philippi —Taylor, Diana Wallis, 1938- author.

"Smart, strong, and a follower of the Jewish God, Lydia has nonetheless always quietly conformed to the expectations of the wealthy Roman society surrounding her. Even though married off at fifteen to a man she dislikes,...

Sixth covenant —Thoene, Bodie, 1951-

Beth-lehem, six miles from Jerusalem, is comprised of simple folk who spend their days tending sheep, newborn lambs, and their own families. Among them, as guest of Zadok, Rachel, and their three little boys, are Mary, Y...

Eleventh guest —Thoene, Bodie, 1951-

The lepers in the valley of Mak'ob hear the rumors that a miracle worker is walking the Earth. Ten lepers are chosen to leave the valley to search for this healer.

Mark's story —LaHaye, Tim, 1926-2016
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Overhearing Jesus' prophecies of events to come and witnessing such events as Judas' betrayal, Peter's denial, and the Resurrection, Mark becomes a devoted disciple of Christianity and urges Peter to recount to him the s...

The centurion's wife —Bunn, T. Davis, 1952-

Leah, a young Jewess of mixed heritage, is secretly commissioned to discover the truth behind the death of an obscure rabbi in the Roman backwater of first-century Palestine while also being engulfed in her own turmoil--...

Luke's story : by faith alone —LaHaye, Tim, 1926-2016

Subsequent to his own conversion, Luke, never having met Jesus, surveys and questions those family members and disciples who did in order to write his gospel. Includes the entire text of both the gospel of Luke and the A...

Mary, chosen of God —Taylor, Diana Wallis, 1938- author.

"A novel about the life of the Messiah from the perspective of His mother, as she witnesses Christ grow, mature, minister, and even be crucified -- and then raised again"-- Provided by publisher.

Behold the man —Thoene, Bodie, 1951-

"Behold the Man is the culmination of the Jerusalem Chronicles and brings readers to an encounter with the death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. How could Jesus--who preached righteousness before God, and love and...

When Jesus wept —Thoene, Bodie, 1951-

Lazarus occupies a surprising position in the Gospel accounts. Widely known as the man Jesus raised from the dead, his story is actually much broader and richer than that. Living as he did at Bethany, near Jerusalem, Laz...

The expected one —McGowan, Kathleen.

Journalist Maureen Pascal unwittingly steps into an ancient mystery concerning Mary Magdalene and a set of scrolls and embarks on a thrilling journey of discovery involving her own destiny.

John's story : the last eyewitness —LaHaye, Tim, 1926-2016

At ninety years old, John is the last of the original twelve apostles still alive, the only one who was not martyred. Committed to spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ, he is called by God to write a gospel. Recalling...

Third watch —Thoene, Bodie, 1951-

From the wilderness of Sinai in the south to Mount Hermon in the north, the question of Yeshua of Nazareth's identity resounds across the ancient land of Israel.

Christ the Lord : out of Egypt : a novel —Rice, Anne, 1941-

A novel, based on the gospels, about the early life of Jesus: from his discovery, at the age of six, that he can work miracles to his family's departure from Egypt two years later.

Christ the Lord : the road to Cana : a novel —Rice, Anne, 1941-

The second volume in Rice's fictionalized life of Christ begins before his baptism in the Jordan and concludes with the miracle at Cana.

Poisoned honey : a story of Mary Magdalene —Gormley, Beatrice.

Relates events from the life of a girl who would grow up to be a close follower of Jesus Christ, interspersed with stories of the Apostle Matthew. Includes author's note distinguishing what Scripture says of Mary Magdale...

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