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59 Results
Berenstain Bears. The best of Berenstain Bears

It brings together your favourite episodes for over 60 minutes of bear-loving fun! Sit down with the best bear family in all of Bear Country, and join Brother Bear as he is recruited to be the talent scout for the upcomi...

Treehouse. Super league

Your favourite Treehouse characters are playing superhero. Gather your friends and join The Berenstain Bears, Max, Ruby and Franklin for more than 120 minutes of Super League fun.

The Berenstain Bears. Halloween treats

The Berenstain Bears return with jack-o'-lantern adventures that will make your bones tingle with fright and delight! The bear cubs are called upon to use their best scouting skills to solve the great pumpkin disappearan...

Berenstain bears. I love brother bear

Celebrate this Valentine's Day with your best friend Brother Bear. Watch as Brother Bear gets ready for Valentine's Day, lends a hand in cleaning out his neighbor's attic, grows his own sweet corn, and learns the meaning...

Best of the Berenstain Bears

The Best of Berenstain Bears brings together your favourite episodes for over 60 minutes of bear-loving fun! Sit down with the best bear family in all of Bear Country, and join Brother Bear as he is recruited to be the t...

Treehouse. Happy birthday

Nine birthday-themed episodes of popular Treehouse television programs.

Hoppy Easter

Your favourite Treehouse friends are having an Easter celebration! Gather your friends and join Max, Ruby, My Big Big Friend, Octonauts and Franklin for more than 120 minutes of happy hopping fun.

The Berenstain Bears. Bear family vacation

Join the Berenstain Bears as they head out on vacation for some family fun.

The Berenstain Bears. Spooky stories

Brother and Sister avoid Widder Jones's house while trick or treating because neighborhood lore has it that she is a witch. Mama knows better and tells the cubs what a sweet person she is.

The best of Treehouse

Best of Treehouse is a wonderful collection that includes 10 episodes of your favourite shows! Enjoy non stop episodes of Franklin, The Berenstain Bears, Octonauts, My Big Big Friend and Max & Ruby on this DVD!

The Berenstain Bears. Ready, set, go!

From the moment the Bear Family arrives at their mountain cabin, Papa's promise of "the best vacation ever" begins going downhill. Not only is the cabin a shack, but also the lake is full of weeds and the only thing biti...

The Berenstain Bears. Kindness, caring and sharing

Join the Berenstain Bears, Papa, Mama, Brother and Sister, as they embark on many adventures. Brother and Sister learn simple life lessons and family values.

The Berenstain Bears ultimate collection

Set in the rolling hills of Bear Country, this animated comedy stars a fun loving family of honey Bears whose love, loyalty and humor allow them to overcome any obstacle that finds its way down to their sunny dirt road. ...

Camp Treehouse

Camp Treehouse is a wonderful collection of summer episodes featuring all of your Treehouse friends! Join your favourite Treehouse characters as they enter a summer of fun, magic, imagination - and most of all, memories ...

The Berenstain bears. Bears team up

At school, at home, or at play the Bears learn that working together makes everything easier.

The Berenstain Bears. Playdates

Brother and Sister learn the importance of throwing away junk food and eating more nutritious food before a big race. Join Brother and Sister as they practice their manners, help other cubs discover their special talents...

The Berenstain Bears. Family values

Brother and Sister adopt one of Farmer Ben's new puppies and soon discover that having a pet is a big responsibility. When the two pet owners leave to play with friends, the puppy stays behind and destroys the living roo...

The Berenstain Bears. Bears out & about

Farming a field, exploring a lighthouse, saving a tree, and racing canoes, the Bears are really getting into the great outdoors!

Treehouse holiday lights

Brighten up your holiday season with Franklin, Little Bear, Max & Ruby, Waybuloo and The Berenstain Bears in this wonderful compilation that includes 12 festive episodes of your favourite shows.

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