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31 Results
Shark Dog and the school trip rescue! —Adamson, Ged, author, illustrator.

Shark Dog is no ordinary pet. He's sort of a dog, but he's also kind of a shark. Shark Dog is going on a class trip to explore the great outdoors! But when he stumbles upon an animal in trouble it's up to Shark Dog, with...

The great polar bear adventure

Ikuk gives birth to two cubs but is nervous about how to teach them survival skills. The family befriends Pupa, an arctic fox, who scavenges after their food and warns of threats from Krakush, the dangerous old polar bea...

Cubs all alone —Hughes, Susan, 1960-

When Max and Sarah help rescue two orphaned bears, they immediately fall in love with the cuddly cubs.

When I grow up —Dodd, Emma, 1969- author.

"One little bear shares his dreams for the future with his adoring parent"-- Provided by publisher.

I love you with all my heart —Chapman, Jane, 1970- author, illustrator.

Little Bear has broken Mommy's favorite sunflower plant. What if her mom won't love her anymore? Luckily, Mommy knows just what to do. "Put your paw on your heart," she smiles, "and you'll feel my love going on and on fo...

Summer in the forest —Finch, Rusty.

Follow bear cubs as they explore their woodland home.

Cub shrugs —Houran, Lori Haskins, author.

Cub is glum and does not want to do anything with his friends until Bird decides they should all form a band.

Grandpa, I love you —Moss, Stephanie (Project manager)

"The adorable moments grandparents share with their grandchildren are treasured forever. They are perfectly captured in this touching book, with beautiful illustrations. So snuggle up with someone you love to read it aga...

Bearcub and Mama —Jennings, Sharon.

Bearcub follows his mama wherever she goes. By Mama's side, he discovers how to catch a fish and dig for grubs. With Mama's help, he learns to climb a tree and find honey. But one day, while Bearcub is exploring the high...

The snow bear —Webb, Holly, author.

Sara loves to listen to Grandpa's stories of his adventures in the Canadian Arctic when he was a boy. As the snow begins to fall, she builds a snow bear just like the one in Grandpa's story. In the middle of the night, S...

Hush up and hibernate! —Markle, Sandra, author.

Winter is coming and it's time for black bears to hibernate; however, a black bear cub is making excuses to Mama Bear to try to avoid the inevitable.

The snowiest Christmas ever! —Chapman, Jane, 1970- author, illustrator.

"Bear cubs Button and Mungo are so excited for Christmas! They're especially happy when just before bed, they see that it's snowing. It snows all night, and suddenly, there's too much snow! It blows in through the mail s...

A dot in the snow —Averiss, Corinne, author.

A polar bear cub and a lost girl in the snow become friends.

Bear hug —Courtenay, Lucy.

Twins Tori and Taya Wild disagree about almost everything ... except for their love of animals! That's a good thing, too, since their mother fosters all kinds of wild animals so their house is always full of them! And no...

God gave us Christmas —Bergren, Lisa Tawn, author.

Mama Bear explains to Baby Cub how God gave Christmas to the world.

Le versant caché de la lune —Veillet, Jean-Pierre, 1962-, author

Comme deux étoiles dans la nuit. Deux oursons accompagnent leurs parents sur la banquise, en quête de nourriture. À cet âge, Lune et Blanc commencent à apprendre les rudiments de la chasse. Or, jouer leur plairait b...

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