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34 Results
Getting burned —Keene, Carolyn.

The animal shelter Nancy works at is burned down and the concert she puts together to raise money for the shelter is nearly sabotaged.

Body of water —Dooley, Sarah.

Twelve-year-old Ember, living in a campground after her trailer home is burnt to the ground by a fire most likely set by her best friend, whose father believes her family members are witches, finds comfort floating in th...

Cross-check —Lollar, Phil, author.

Dr. Blackgaard shows he will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Evil Dr. Regis Blackgaard is desperate to gain ownership of a building not far from Whit's End. To get it, he and his henchmen will resort to corruption ...

Footer Davis probably is crazy —Vaught, Susan, 1965- author.

Eleven-year-old Footer and her friends investigate when a nearby farm is burned, the farmer murdered, and his children disappear, but as they follow the clues, Footer starts having flashbacks and wonders if she is going ...

Tempted : an It Girl novel —Von Ziegesar, Cecily.

Beginning with Waverly Academy's annual Halloween ball, Jenny, who is still seeking her mysterious benefactor, watches her own popularity soar as Tinsley's plummets, while Callie finds herself at a Maine "health spa."

Lucky : an It Girl novel —Von Ziegesar, Cecily.

Elite Waverly Academy's standards of conduct are strained when Callie and Tinsley recruit a prospective student who is visiting campus to spy for them, in order to implicate Jenny as the arsonist who burned down an antiq...

Too hot to handle

Devon travels to California in search of the one person he can depend on to be his guardian after the death of his parents, while Steve continues his investigation of the Fowler Crest arson case.

The unbreakable code —Bertman, Jennifer Chambliss, author.

"Could the Mark Twain books hidden through Book Scavenger contain clues about the string of recent arson fires plaguing the city? And will Emily and James uncover the mystery before the arsonist comes after them?"-- Prov...

Burn out —Kropp, Paul.

Three teenagers try to deal with a mysterious set of fires only to end up trapped in the basement of a burning house set on fire by arsonists.

Firehorse —Wilson, Diane L.

Spirited fifteen-year-old horse lover Rachel Selby determines to become a veterinarian, despite the opposition of her rigid father, her proper mother, and the norms of Boston in 1872, while that city faces a serial arson...

From the ashes. —Rushford, Patricia H.

Jennie searches for the person responsible for burning down the buildings that comprise her beloved church and school.

Wildfire —Loughead, Deb, 1955- author.

"In this high-interest novel for middle readers, Dylan tries to find the source of a series of mysterious fires."-- Provided by publisher.

Shouldn't you be in school? —Snicket, Lemony.
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Do you smell smoke? Young apprentice Lemony Snicket is investigating a case of arson but soon finds himself enveloped in the ever-increasing mystery that haunts the town of Stain'd-by-the-Sea. Who is setting the fires? W...

The stranger next door —Kehret, Peg.

A clever cat's heroism helps two twelve-year-old boys become friends after their families, one of which is in a witness protection program, move to neighboring houses in Hilltop, Washington.

Smoke screen —Holl, Kristi.

When twelve-year-old Jeri McKane's friend and biology lab partner, Abby Wright, is injured in a lab accident, Jeri and her friends try to find the firebug at Landmark School.

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