14 Results
14 Results
The black stallion returns

In the Sahara, a young American boy must rescue his beloved horse from a desert chieftain.

My friend Flicka

A young Wyoming ranch boy chooses a headstrong filly to raise as his own, and earns his father's respect while learning important life lessons.

Beverly Hills chihuahua

When a spoiled chihuahua from Beverly Hills gets lost on vacation in Mexico, a male chihuahua tries to go and rescue her while she receives help from other animals to find her way home.

Ring of bright water

A London writer moves to the coast of Scotland where he and his pet otter make friends with the local lady doctor and her dog.

National Velvet

Taylor stars as a young English girl who wins an unruly horse in a raffle and goes on to enter him in the Grand National Steeplechase.


The story of how a dog finds love and a family of his own, and then almost loses them in a kidnap plot.

Tommy and the cool mule

Tommy Braxton's father goes to war and never returns, forcing Tommy to become the man of the house and help support his mom and sister. Tommy makes a friend and finds a way to save his family's farm when he meets Jackie-...

The wild pony

An untamed pony provides the catalyst to bring a battling family back together when it proves its devotion to a young boy.

Zeus and Roxanne

Zeus the pooch and Roxanne the dolphin are able to communicate with one another; working together, they change the life of two families, assist in scientific research and foil the criminals!

Greyfriars Bobby

A Skye terrier's love and devotion to his master is not diminished by the master's death.

The Black Stallion

Boy and horse are shipwrecked on an island where they become fast friends. Upon their return home they work together for a try in one of the great races at Santa Anita.


A family film based on the story of a seal who each spring swam hundreds of miles to visit the human family who rescued him when he was an orphaned pup. The seal's positive impact on the shy nine-year old daughter brings...


A young boy's friendship with a playful baby kangaroo leads him on the ultimate adventure.