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42 Results
The buffalo —Crewe, Sabrina.

Provides an introduction to the life cycle, physical characteristics, behavior, and habitat of a plains bison.

Buffaloes —Johnston, Marianne.

Describes what buffalo look like, what they eat, where they live and how they have been treated by Native Americans and other people.

American bison —Berman, Ruth.

Discusses the life cycle of the bison, its role in the settlement of the American West, and its near extinction.

Buffalo —Brodsky, Beverly.

Presents paintings and tribal song-poems that express the buffalo's essential and sacred role on the plains.

American bison —Sherman, Jill, author.

"This photo illustrated book will introduce young readers to American Bison that live in North America. Explains their history, life cycle, habitat, and feeding habits. Includes a photo diagram, glossary, further resourc...

12 mammals back from the brink —Furstinger, Nancy, author.

This book shares the survival stories of endangered species that have made a comeback. Learn about the human and natural factors that drove each species to the edge of extinction, and find out what helped them survive an...

The bison and the Great Plains —Taylor, J. David.

The dynamic, complex relationship between an animal and its environment is portrayed through dramatic photographs and lively text in these four beautiful books. Each book takes an intimate look at a single animal, follow...

Buffalo —Lepthien, Emilie U. (Emilie Utteg)

A history of the buffalo/bison in this country, discussing its behavior and population today.

Buffalo hunt —Freedman, Russell. 1929-2018

Examines the importance of the buffalo in the lore and day-to-day life of the Indian tribes of the Great Plains and describes hunting methods and the uses found for each part of the animal that could not be eaten.

Buffalo : the American bison today —Patent, Dorothy Hinshaw.

Describes the life of American bison today on the National Bison Range in Montana and in other parks and preserves, with an emphasis on how humans must crefully manage each herd for its own good.

The return of the American bison —Morlock, Theresa, author.

To appreciate the plight of endangered species, readers are asked to consider the history of the American bison. From dominating the plains to a swift decline to the brink of extinction, the stately American bison epitom...

Buffalo sunrise : the story of a North American giant —Swanson, Diane, 1944-

History and habits of North America's largest land animal.

Bison —Arnold, Quinn M., author.

"A kindergarten-level introduction to bison, covering their growth process, behaviors, the forests and grasslands they call home, and such defining features as their shaggy fur"-- Provided by publisher.

Bison —Gish, Melissa.

"A look at bison, including their habitats, physical characteristics such as their shaggy coats, behaviors, relationships with humans, and threatened status in the world today"--Provided by publisher.

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