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25 Results
Henry Hudson : seeking the Northwest Passage —Gleason, Carrie, 1973-

A look at the life of English explorer Henry Hudson, his four voyages in search of a northern passage from Europe to Asia, and his legacy.

Beyond the sea of ice : the voyages of Henry Hudson —Goodman, Joan E.

An account of Henry Hudson's four voyages in search of a passage to the Orient in the early seventeenth century and the discoveries made by him on the northeastern coast of America.

John Cabot —Larkin, Tanya.

Describes the life and voyages of the Italian-born explorer who claimed land in the New World for England in 1497.

John Cabot : the ongoing search for a westward passage to Asia —Rengel, Marian.

Examines the facts and theories surrounding the voyages taken to North America by the English explorer John Cabot in the late 1490s.

The travels of Henry Hudson —Mattern, Joanne, 1963-

A biography of the English explorer and sea captain who explored three North American waterways later named for him--the Hudson River, Hudson Bay, and Hudson Strait.

Henry Hudson : English explorer of the Northwest Passage —Sherman, Josepha.

Outlines the events of this English explorer's famous Arctic journeys and his search for the Northwest Passage to Asia.

Henry Hudson : Arctic explorer and North American adventurer —Asimov, Isaac, 1920-1992.

Describes the adventures of the seventeenth-century English explorer, from his search for a short route from Europe to the Orient to his mysterious disappearance after members of his crew mutinied.

John Cabot & son —Goodnough, David.

Presents a brief biography of the Venetian explorer who laid the first English claim to the North American continent and of his son who further explored the new territory.

Francis Drake —Goodnough, David.

A brief biography of the English explorer and seaman who traveled around the world and to the New World and fought against the Spanish Armada.

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