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5 Results
Flight to love —Oates, Penny, author.
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It's 1975, and starry-eyed air hostess Anthea is about to embark on her first international flight. An incident on the way to the airport - involving her car, an icy road and an irksome gentleman - leaves Anthea slightly...

Soul plane
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After an encounter with a faulty airline toilet, Dakwon sues the offending airline, and wins 100 million dollars for his pain and suffering. Flush with cash, Dakwon decides to start his own airline called NWA. With a pur...

This is your captain speaking —Methven, Jon.
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Strong and sexy —Shalvis, Jill.

A delectable concoction of sex appeal and adventure. Whether they're up in the air or between the sheets, these hot, hardy pilots know exactly where the action is! Heiress Dani claims to witness a murder. Now she and Sha...