7 Results
7 Results
Face-off —Alfonsi, Alice.

In the first part, Hannah Montana, aka Miley Stewart, is recruited to model for everyone's favorite zit zapping cream, but she's not happy with the way the billboard turns out. In the second part, Miley, Oliver and Liley...

Zits from python pit —Payne, M.D.

"The boys continue their African adventure as a mysterious calling leads them to the heart of the Congo in search of a 'lost' group of monsters. Their expedition is cut short by the appearance of Inkanyamba, an ancient s...

What not to do if you turn invisible —Welford, Ross, author.

When thirteen-year-old Ethel Leatherhead becomes invisible, her best friend, Boydy, helps keep her secret while she seeks a way to become visible again, keep herself safe, and solve the mystery of her birth.

Zitface —Howse, Emily.

When a serious case of acne threatens thirteen-year-old Olivia's budding relationship with classmate J.W., as well as her career as an actress in television commercials, she must rethink the path she has been following.

The zit a small tale about a giant pimple.

A young boy on his way to his school dance is forced to deal with his first pimple problem -- and what a problem it is!