15 Results
15 Results
Gunfighters —Matthews, Leonard, 1920-

Traces the lives of some of the Old West's most colorful lawmen and desperados, including Wild Bill Hickok, Billy the Kid, and John Wesley Hardin.

Pioneers —Matthews, Leonard, 1920-

Examines the reasons for the westward migration of the nineteenth century and chronicles the experiences of the men and women who traveled to the vast western areas of North America and established farms, ranches, towns,...

Women of the West —Lake, A. I., 1941-

Describes the work of the early women homesteaders and presents brief biographies of several women prominent in Western history, including Sacajawea, Annie Oakley, and Narcissa Whitman.

Cowboys —Matthews, Leonard, 1920-

Describes the development of cattle ranches and the day-to-day life and work of the cowboy.

Gold fever —Lake, A. I., 1941-

Describes the origins of the California Gold Rush that began in 1848, the individuals and mining techniques involved, and the resulting wealth, destruction, and tragedy.

Trailblazers —Upton, Harriet, 1945-

Describes the exploits of men who explored the American West during the early 1800s, including Lewis and Clark, John Colter, Joe Walker, and Thomas Nuttall.

Indian chiefs —Upton, Harriet, 1945-

Brief biographies of seven chiefs from different Indian tribes. Includes Little Priest, Captain Jack, Chief Joseph, Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, Red Cloud, and Geronimo.

Gamblers —D'Apice, Rita, 1969-

Brief biographies of the "Wild West's" most colorful gamblers, with information on the atmosphere that fostered gambling as a form of entertainment.

Scouts —Stewart, Gail B. (Gail Barbara), 1949-

Describes the activities of the scouts who guided soldiers and new travelers through the western frontier in the nineteenth century.

The pony express —Lake, A. I., 1941-

Describes the history of the Pony Express and the daring riders who risked their lives to deliver the mail.

Soldiers —Matthews, Leonard, 1920-

Relates some of the battles between the United States Army and North American Indians in the West during the nineteenth century.

Lumbermen —Stewart, Gail B. (Gail Barbara), 1949-

A history of lumbering in the United States, describing the work of the men with jobs in that industry in its early days. Includes a section on the giant redwood tree.

Texans —Stewart, Gail B. (Gail Barbara), 1949-

Traces the turbulent history of the Lone Star State, recounting the struggles of early Texas settlers and their battle for independence.

Indians —Matthews, Leonard, 1920-

Traces the battles waged by various North American Indian tribes and leaders to defend their land and way of life from encroaching white settlers, soldiers, and hunters.