6 Results
6 Results
Lost in the jungle —Mann, Greyson, author.

Will has spent his whole life in the shadow of his older brother, Seth. Sure, his brother is a master builder who is known throughout the entire Overworld, but Will knows he could make his own mark in Minecraft if anyone...

When lava strikes —Mann, Greyson, author.

"Will and Mina's treasure hunt turns up only terror when they start fighting over what resources to look for. But when lava strikes, can they work together to survive?"-- Provided by publisher.

Never say nether —Mann, Greyson, author.

"Will can hardly wait to explore the Nether with his best friend, Mina. But when his perfect older brother insists on coming along, Will's excitement fades-he is sure he doesn't need Seth's protection! To prove it, Will ...

Wolves vs. zombies —Mann, Greyson, author.

"Will must choose between taming a wolf and rescuing his brother from zombies"-- Provided by publisher.