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41 Results
Evelyn the mermicorn fairy —Meadows, Daisy, author.

Evelyn the Mermicorn Fairy has a very special magical pet. But when Jack Frost steals him away from her, the magic of the mermicorn is in danger! Can Kirsty and Rachel help get him back?

Trixie the Halloween fairy —Meadows, Daisy.

It's Halloween, and Rachel and Kirsty can't wait to go trick-or-treating together. But for Jack Frost, this holiday is all about the tricks! Three magical pieces of Halloween candy are missing, and Jack Frost's goblins a...

Bailey the babysitter fairy —Meadows, Daisy.

When the fairies discover that the Fairyland nursery is in chaos, Rachel and Kirsty are enlisted to help Bailey the babysitter fairy retrieve her magical charm from a thieving Jack Frost.

Addison the April Fool's Day fairy —Meadows, Daisy.

Anticipating a fun-filled day of pranks and mischief on April Fool's Day, Rachel and Kirsty are enlisted to help Addison the April Fool's Day fairy retrieve her magical items from a thieving Jack Frost.

Skyler the fireworks fairy —Meadows, Daisy.

When Jack Frost's goblins cause trouble with a local fireworks show, Rachel and Kirsty have to take back the fireworks and ensure that village's celebration goes off without a hitch.

Angelica the angel fairy —Meadows, Daisy.

"The Tippington Winter Fair is in full swing and best friends Rachel Walker and Kirsty Tate couldn't be more excited. They're having a wonderful time -- until Jack Frost and his goblins start causing trouble. Angelica ma...

Robyn the Christmas party fairy —Meadows, Daisy, author.

When Jack Frost steals Robyn the Christmas party fairy's magical objects, Rachel and Kirsty rush to help Robyn find the lost items before the spirit of Christmas is lost forever.

Michelle the winter wonderland fairy —Meadows, Daisy, author.

When Jack Frost steals Michelle the winter wonderland fairy's magic objects, Rachel and Kirsty must help the fairy recover them or else the visitors to a snowy resort won't be able to enjoy fun wintry activities.

Cheryl the Christmas tree fairy —Meadows, Daisy.

"Rachel and Kirsty are staying at a cozy cabin in the woods for Christmas! But everything is going wrong. Even their Christmas tree is missing! The girls think they know who's causing all the holiday trouble...and they'r...

Lila and Myla the Twins Fairies —Meadows, Daisy, author.

"Two fairies are better than one! Kirsty and Rachel are invited to a very special birthday party-- it's for children who are twins! There are doubles everywhere they look. One pair of twins is a little different than the...

Flora the dress-up fairy —Meadows, Daisy.

Find the enchanted objects in all three stories, and help save the dress-up magic!

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