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Did you mean? Beckman pac-man
Pokémon. All about Eevee —Whitehill, Simcha, author.

"Eevee is amazing--it has eight different known Evolutions! Discover everything you need to know about this incredible Pokémon and each of its unique and powerful forms."--Back cover.

Pokémon. Secret of the pink Pokémon —West, Tracey, 1965- author.

Team Rocket's setting traps to snare rare Pokémon, and Ash must stop them before Pikachu becomes Pink-achu.

Pokémon. Psyduck ducks out —Johnson, Jennifer L., author.

Get the inside scoop on Misty and Psyduck from their first hypnotic encounter to their biggest battles ever.

Thundershock in Pummelo Stadium —West, Tracey, 1965- author.

Step aside, Trainers! Ash Ketchum is on a winning streak, and he's going all the way to the top. With the help of Pikachu and Charizard, Ash wins his final Orange League badge. Now he's ready to take on a true Pokémon c...

Journey to the Orange Islands —West, Tracey, 1965- author.

"It's goodbye to an old friend, and hello to a new one in the biggest adventure of Ash's life! When Professor Oak sends Ash on a mission to the Orange Islands, surprises await the young Pokémon Trainer at every turn. On...

Scyther, heart of a champion —Higginson, Sheila Sweeny, 1966- author.

"When Tracey catches Scyther, the brave Bug-type Pokémon's warrior pride is wounded. It can't regain its honor without a fight. It needs another battle. So Scyther battles . . . Charizard! Which hot-headed Pokémon will...

The Chikorita challenge —West, Tracey, 1965- author.

"Ash thinks it's cool that Chikorita has joined his Pokémon team. But the newest member of his Pokémon squad is jealous of Pikachu! So Chikorita takes off--on a journey way beyond the Pokémon Ball. And that could be v...

Pokemon gym battle guidebook —Whitehill, Simcha, author.

This all-new guide has all the details you need as you battle your way from gym to gym to the glory of a regional Tournament-and even battle against the Elite Four! From battling Brock for the Boulder badge to challengin...

A new beginning.

"Ash is visiting Vermilion City, and he can't wait to discover more about Pokémon in the lab there. Professor Cerise has so much to teach him! But there's another new student at the lab. His name is Goh, and he's the co...

Pokémon. Arceus and the jewel of life —Mizobuchi, Makoto.
Graphic Novel
Availability: 6 of 8

The ancient Pokémon Arceus has returned seeking revenge against humankind, and Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina must join forces with Ash, Dawn, and their friends to stop it.

The four-star challenge —Dewin, Howard, author.

"The Orange Islands have a Pokémon League of their own. But these gym matches are beyond different. Mountain climbing? Dancing Pokémon? And sometimes Ash can't even use his Pokémon! What's up with that? Is Ash up to t...

Battle for the Zephyr badge —Johnson, Jennifer L., author.

"Trouble seems to be following Ash and his team around! A Quagsire takes the GS Ball. A young boy at a Poḱémon Trainer school tries to catch Pikachu. And Team Rocket is up to their usual troublesome tricks. How will As...

All fired up —Johnson, Jennifer L., author.

"Ash is happy to meet some brand-new Pokmon like Gligar and Cyndaquil. But he has a difficult choice to make. Is Charizard, his strongest Pokmon, really better off without him?"

Pokemon. Battle dimension. triple trouble —Whitehill, Simcha.

A trainer named Tyler wants to catch his first Pokemon, a Yanma. But Team Rocket keeps stealing the Clear Wing Pokemon from him. Can Ash and Pikachu help their new friend?

The big book of the Alola region —Foxe, Steve, author.

Meet the Pokémon -- from Pikachu to Yungoos, every Pokémon Trainer can learn about the Pokémon found in the newly discovered region of Alola.

Pokémon handbook to the Galar region : stats and facts on 400 Pokemon!

"The new Galar Region Pokémon are here, and kids gotta catch 'em all! The Handbook to the Galar Region has all the stats and facts kids need to know about the brand-new Pokémon from Sword and Shield, the new games for ...

Now you see it! : watch Pokémon evolve-- right before your eyes! —Whitehill, Simcha, author.

This guide to Pokémon evolution features the ability to flip pages to see Pokémon in their first forms, once they start to evolve, and in their powerful final forms.

Ash to the rescue —West, Tracey, 1965- author.

"Team Rocket is rounding up Pokmon in the Johto region! They can't wait to get their greedy hands on Ledyba, Hoppip, and Wooper. It's up to Ash to protect these Pokémon - or so he thinks. These Pokémon have a plan of t...

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