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29 Results
I am Frida Kahlo —Meltzer, Brad, author.

"This picture book biography follows Frida Kahlo's start as an artist and how she integrated her unique way of looking at the world into her art"-- Provided by publisher.

I am Anne Frank —Meltzer, Brad, author.

"A picture book biography about Anne Frank"--Provided by publisher.

I am Sacagawea —Meltzer, Brad, author.

"A biography of Sacagawea, the Shoshone woman who served as a translator for the Lewis and Clark Expedition."--Provided by publisher.

I am Walt Disney —Meltzer, Brad, author.

"A biography of Walt Disney with a focus on his work making dreams come true for himself and for generations of children"-- Provided by publisher.

I am Helen Keller —Meltzer, Brad, author.

"The story of Helen Keller, who learned to read and write despite being deaf and blind, and became an activist who fought for the rights of disabled people"--Provided by publisher.

I am Martin Luther King, Jr. —Meltzer, Brad, author.

"A biography of Martin Luther King Jr. that tells the story of how he used nonviolence to lead the civil rights movement"--Provided by publisher.

I am Neil Armstrong —Meltzer, Brad, author.

"A biography of Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon"-- Provided by publisher.

I am Mary Anning —Vitale, Brooke, author.

"Xavier, Brad, and Yadina are off on a fossil hunt with paleontologist Mary Anning! She helps them learn that when you start something it feels good to finish it"-- Provided by publisher.

I am Harriet Tubman —Meltzer, Brad, author.

"A biography of Harriet Tubman, the abolitionist leader who played a key role in helping enslaved people escape via the Underground Railroad."--Provided by publisher.

I am Sonia Sotomayor —Meltzer, Brad, author.

This volume of ordinary people change the world features Sonia Sotomayor, the first Latina Supreme Court Justice. She is proof that with opportunity comes justice.

I am Lucille Ball —Meltzer, Brad, author.

A first-person presentation of the life and career of comedian and studio head Lucille Ball.

I am Leonardo da Vinci —Meltzer, Brad, author.

"A picture book biography of Leonardo da Vinci"-- Provided by publisher.

I am Marie Curie —Meltzer, Brad, author.

"A biography of Marie Curie, the physicist and chemist who was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize."-- Provided by publisher.

I am Abraham Lincoln —Meltzer, Brad.

Follows Lincoln from his childhood to the presidency, including the Civil War and his legendary Gettysburg Address.

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