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139 Results
Belle of Batoche —Guest, Jacqueline, author.

Belle and Sarah both want to become the ringer of the new Batoche church bell. They enter an embroidery contest to win the position. Then General Middleton's forces advance on Batoche in the 1885 Riel Rebellion, and Bell...

Rescue pup —Little, Jean, 1932-2020

Shakespeare, a guide dog puppy who understands human speech, is placed for his first year of life with a foster child who has never learned to love.

Somebody's girl —De Vries, Maggie.

Martha knows she is adopted, but when her mother becomes pregnant, she worries about no longer being number one in her parents' hearts.

Secret signs —Guest, Jacqueline.

In 1932, 12-year-old know-it-all Henry Dafoe decides to run away from his Manitoba home rather than be sent to Nova Scotia by his sick mother. He learns the hard way that certain things should never be taken for granted,...

Boot camp —Walters, Eric, 1957-

Nick and Kia attend Jerome "Junk Yard Dog" Williams' basketball summer camp.

Jo's journey —Tate, Nikki, 1962-

Fourteen-year-old Jo is determined to follow her dream of finding gold in the Cariboo.

Catching spring —Olsen, Sylvia, 1955-

In 1957, Bobby, a First Nations boy, longs to enter a fishing derby, but he has no boat, no money and he has to work on the day of the derby.

The big snapper —Holubitsky, Katherine, 1955-

Eddie loves fishing with Granddad and listening to his tall tales, but when his grandfather becomes seriously ill, Eddie must find ways to cope with the changes in his world.

The last loon —Upjohn, Rebecca, 1962-

When city-boy Evan realizes that a loon is about to die in the middle of a fast-freezing lake near his aunt's cottage, he decides to rescue it, risking his own life in the process.

Whiteout —Citra, Becky.

A near-fatal accident changes Robin's relationship with her cousin.

Molly's promise —Olsen, Sylvia, 1955-

Molly is certain she is a good singer {u2013} she sings in her head all the time. She doesn't sing out loud because of a promise she made to herself. With the talent competition looming, she must decide whether to break ...

Forward, Shakespeare! —Little, Jean, 1932-2020

Shakespeare, an unusual Seeing Eye dog who understands Human, must win over his new master, a desperately unhappy young man who was recently blinded in an accident.

Racing for diamonds —Daher, Anita, 1965-

When a diamond polisher goes missing, 12-year-old Jaz's new-found skills as a Junior Canadian Ranger are put to a life-and-death test.

Meeting Miss 405 —Peterson, Lois J., 1952-

With her mom away indefinitely and her dad making a mess of things at home Tansy's life is less than perfect. And to make matters worse her dad sends her to be babysat by Miss Stella who owns neither a computer nor a TV ...

Murphy and Mousetrap —Olsen, Sylvia, 1955-

When Murphy, his mother and their cat Mousetrap move back to the reserve, Murphy is sure that both he and the cat are going to be miserable.

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