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95 Results
Flight from big tangle —Daher, Anita, 1965-

Lost in the forest as a fire rages, Kaylee finds her way home only to discover that she must overcome her fear of flying and pilot a floatplane to safety.

Chance and the butterfly —De Vries, Maggie.

Chance has been pegged as a problem child at school. He can't sit still, and reading and math are hard for him, but he loves science. When the box of caterpillars arrives in the classroom, school seems fun for him again....

Belle of Batoche —Guest, Jacqueline, author.

Belle and Sarah both want to become the ringer of the new Batoche church bell. They enter an embroidery contest to win the position. Then General Middleton's forces advance on Batoche in the 1885 Riel Rebellion, and Bell...

Rescue pup —Little, Jean, 1932-2020

Shakespeare, a guide dog puppy who understands human speech, is placed for his first year of life with a foster child who has never learned to love.

Secret signs —Guest, Jacqueline.

In 1932, 12-year-old know-it-all Henry Dafoe decides to run away from his Manitoba home rather than be sent to Nova Scotia by his sick mother. He learns the hard way that certain things should never be taken for granted,...

Boot camp —Walters, Eric, 1957-

Nick and Kia attend Jerome "Junk Yard Dog" Williams' basketball summer camp.

Jo's journey —Tate, Nikki, 1962-

Fourteen-year-old Jo is determined to follow her dream of finding gold in the Cariboo.

Catching spring —Olsen, Sylvia, 1955-

In 1957, Bobby, a First Nations boy, longs to enter a fishing derby, but he has no boat, no money and he has to work on the day of the derby.

Things are looking up, Jack —Bar-el, Dan.

All is not right in the land of Mother Goose. People and things keep falling down and it is not merely coincidental. There is trouble afoot. It is up to King Jack and his sister Princess Jill to get to the bottom of the ...

The big snapper —Holubitsky, Katherine, 1955-

Eddie loves fishing with Granddad and listening to his tall tales, but when his grandfather becomes seriously ill, Eddie must find ways to cope with the changes in his world.

The last loon —Upjohn, Rebecca, 1962-

When city-boy Evan realizes that a loon is about to die in the middle of a fast-freezing lake near his aunt's cottage, he decides to rescue it, risking his own life in the process.

Whiteout —Citra, Becky.

A near-fatal accident changes Robin's relationship with her cousin.

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