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38 Results
Tiger's new cowboy boots —Morck, Irene.

Hoping that his shiny new cowboy boots will help him make a good impression on the cattle drive at his uncle's ranch, city kid Tyler discovers that how he handles himself is more important than what he is wearing.

Orphans in the sky —Bushey, Jeanne.

For many days, there had been no food in the Inuit camp where Brother and Little Sister lived. They had set out early that morning, hoping to find some food they could bring back to share with their people. Returning to ...

Josepha : a prairie boy's story —McGugan, Jim, 1948-

Josepha, an immigrant boy, leaves school to begin working and says good-bye to his best friend.

The polar bear's gift —Bushey, Jeanne.

A little Inuit girl longs to be a great hunter of polar bears, but her friends make fun of her because she is a girl.

Puddleman —Staunton, Ted, 1956-

When Michael fills his sandbox with water and then jumps right in, Puddleman is born. Puddleman loves playing in the mud- especially after he's scared off the Glassgrinder twins and made the nosy lady next door faint.

How Smudge came —Gregory, Nan.

"Where Cindy lives no dogs are allowed, so she must bundle her puppy up when she goes to work at the Hospice. A loving girl-and-her-dog story for children ready for sophisticated social themes, portrayed by one of Canad...

In Abby's hands —Lewis, Wendy A., 1966-

Abby is unsure of herself, but when she is the only person around to help Opal deliver her puppies, she discovers her own resourcefulness when she most needs it.

Amber waiting —Gregory, Nan.

Amber loves kindergarden, but hates waiting for her dad to pick her up. To pass the time, she dreams of a world where he has to wait for her.

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