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77 Results
The wolf —Mitchell, Hayley R., 1968-

Discusses the habits, habitat, and endangered status of the wolf, as well as its place in human society.

Drug abuse —Washburne, Carolyn Kott.

An overview of the problem of drug abuse and efforts to combat it.

Tattoos and body piercing —Currie-McGhee, L. K. (Leanne K.)

Offers insight into the reason for tattoos and body piercings, who gets them, health issues, legal issues, and how to have them removed.

Hate groups —Thompson, Sharon Elaine, 1952-

Presents an overview of those groups, past and present, formed to promote the hatred of and violence against targeted minorities and explores ways to foster understanding and peaceful coexistence.

Paranormal phenomena —Netzley, Patricia D.

Discusses paranormal phenomena including psychic connections, predicting the future, the mind/body connection, spirits, sprites, aliens, and faith healing.

Diabetes —Stewart, Gail B. (Gail Barbara), 1949-

Discusses the history, nature, causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, emergencies, and complications of diabetes and explains ways to live with it.

The cheetah —Aaseng, Nathan.

Describes this endangered animal including its hunting for food on the African plain and the competition which it faces, its reproduction and development, and the effect of humans on its decline.

Epidemics —Yount, Lisa.

Discusses the return of epidemics in modern times, possible causes, and how they are tracked and controlled.

The reunification of Germany —Yancey, Diane.

Discusses the economic, political, and social impact of the reunification of Germany.

Smoking —Pietrusza, David, 1949-

Discusses the history and economic impact of tobacco smoking and examines such issues as addiction and disease, smoking and teenagers, and civil rights as related to smoking.

The Amazon rainforest —Johnson, Darv, 1971-

Discusses the destruction of the Amazon rainforest and details the efforts to save it.

Drugs and sports —Galas, Judith C., 1946-

Examines the issue of drug use by athletes, both to enhance performance and as an escape, and includes a discussion on drug testing.

The collapse of the Soviet Union —Smith, Brenda, 1946-

Discusses the rise of the Soviet Union and its emergence as a superpower, its ultimate fall and the impact of the collapse.

Cloning —DuPrau, Jeanne.

Discusses the methods, regulation, and ethics of cloning in relation to agriculture, medicine, endangered species, and human beings.

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