3 Results
3 Results
To light a candle —Lackey, Mercedes.

Knight-Mage Kellen becomes a member of the Elves' war councils and fears for the safety of his Wild Magic-wielding sister, while proud Elf Knight Jermayan continues his efforts to become the first Elven Mage.

The outstretched shadow —Lackey, Mercedes.

Centuries after defeating an army of Demons with the help of their Elven allies, the Demons once again threaten humankind, unless the fugitive Kellen and his companions can overcome despair to save the Elven Country.

When darkness falls —Lackey, Mercedes.

The human race teams up with hated magical beings in order to survive a war against Demon forces, while Knight-Mage Kellen and his band of unlikely companions head a vast Light army in a battle against Darkness.