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Lego City : heroes to the rescue —Ripley, Esther.

Join the firefighters, paramedics, and police officers of LEGO(r) City as they race to save the day! Featuring an exciting range of brand-new 2016 minifigures and sets, this well-loved LEGO theme will capture kids' imagi...

Jungle chase! —Landers, Ace, author.

"When two LEGO® City scientists are in the jungle with their research crew, the search for a rare spider takes them on a wild adventure! Snakes, leopards, and jewels, oh my! Will they find the spider-or their way back to...

Sky police! —Rusu, Meredith, author.

Sergeant Sam Grizzled and his excited partner Rook take on Police Chief Wheeler's latest wacky idea: the Sky Police, in which the two officers patrol the skies of LEGO City searching for crime.

Fix that truck! —Steele, Michael Anthony, author.

When Eric comes to help at his father's garage for the first time, his big sister Amy shows him around while his father looks for the wrench he needs to fix a truck, but every time Eric tries to do something useful, he m...

Mystery on the Lego Express —King, Trey, author.

Mr. Clue's vacation gets put on hold when a famous actress asks for his help on the express train to find a thief.

Stop that train! —Landers, Ace, author.

"A young man must get from one end of LEGO℗ʼ City to the other for an important event--but his train leaves without him! He hops aboard a cargo train instead. But he doesn't count on delays like fallen cargo and a pig cr...

Coast Guard to the rescue —Landers, Ace, author.

The weatherman predicts a beautiful, sunny day in LEGO City, so everyone heads to the beach. The weather is perfect for surfing or scuba diving--even the coast guard crew is enjoying some fun in the sun. But when dark st...

LEGO city : get to work —Lee, Quinlan B., author.

Help your kids lets read with LEGO City.

LEGO city : smoke zone —Lee, Quinlan B., author.

Help your kids learn to read with Lego City.

Ready for takeoff! —Sander, Sonia.

Readers discover how airplanes get ready for takeoff.

Cops, crocs, and crooks! —King, Trey.

"When the swamp police hold a contest, they expect to have a fun day-- one without trouble. Too bad no one told the crooks! Now three thieves have stolen the prize money and are trying to flee. Who will win the contest, ...

LEGO city : this mine rocks —Lee, Quinlan B., author.

Help your kids learn to read with Lego City.

LEGO city : deep in the swamp —Lee, Quinlan B., author.

Help your kids lets read with LEGO City.

Detective Chase McCain : stop that heist! —King, Trey.

When the smartest crooks plot to rob the Museum of its priceless blue diamond, it is up to Detective Chase McCain and his SWAT team to save the day!

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