16 Results
16 Results
Franklin stays up —Jennings, Sharon.

Franklin and his friends attempt to stay up all night in a tent.

Franklin the detective —Jennings, Sharon.

After recovering his mom's purse, Franklin decides to put his detective skills to work for his friends.

Franklin and the stopwatch —Jennings, Sharon.

Franklin finds a stopwatch and starts timing everything.

Franklin and the magic show —Jennings, Sharon.

Franklin puts on a magic show for his friends, but finds that his disappearing trick doesn't work. His father teaches him some easy tricks, so his next magic show is a success.

Franklin's reading club —Jennings, Sharon.

When Franklin is lucky enough to get a copy of the new Dynaroo book, his friends are so excited, they won't let him read in peace, so Franklin comes up with a solution that pleases everybody.

Franklin's library book —Jennings, Sharon.

Franklin searches everywhere for his lost library book.

Franklin's pumpkin —Jennings, Sharon.

Franklin is thrilled when he finds a giant pumpkin in his backyard, until he discovers that the competition at this year's fair is for the biggest zucchini.

The drop of doom —Mason, Adrienne.

Lu and Clancy foil a robbery at the carnival and learn how to do a simple magic trick.

Franklin's Pond Phantom —Jennings, Sharon.

Franklin goes looking for the Pond Phantom that he has read about in a book, and eventually his friends join him.

The disappearing magician —Dickson, Louise, 1959-

Lu and Clancy foil a robbery on a boat trip and learn how to do a simple magic trick.