54 Results
54 Results
Hidden —Jenkins, Jerry B.

Four teens left behind after the Rapture battle the forces of evil.

The vanishings —Jenkins, Jerry B.

Four former Christian teenagers find themselves alone and afraid following the Rapture when God spirits His followers away to Heaven.

Uplink from the underground : showtime for Vicki —Jenkins, Jerry B.

A daring plan by the kids at the schoolhouse may cost them everything and put a friend in great danger. In Israel, Judd must try to stop an assassination attempt while Lionel and Sam spread the word about the start of se...

Escape to Masada —Jenkins, Jerry B.

In Jerusalem, believers flee the city when it seems that the Global Community forces will attack, and in Wisconsin, a strange disease strikes the people who have Nicolae Carpathia's mark.

Horsemen of terror —Jenkins, Jerry B.

Follow the young Trib Force as they struggle to survive and tell others the truth.

Murder in the holy place —Jenkins, Jerry B.

After witnessing a horrible plane crash, Judd and Lionel must find a way back to Jerusalem on their own. A terrifying scene awaits them as Nicolae Carpathia prepares for another deadly display.

War of the dragon —Jenkins, Jerry B.

Join the Young Tribulation Force as they struggle to survive and thrive during the most chaotic period in world history.

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