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25 Results
Radisson & des Groseilliers : fur traders of the North —Bailey, Katharine, 1980-

Radisson and des Groseilliers were French explorers and fur traders. Their discoveries led to the creation of the Hudson Bay Company, Canada's oldest corporation and one of the oldest merchant companies in the world.

Daniel Boone : woodsman of Kentucky —Zronik, John Paul, 1972-

Examines this great American adventurer who comes to represent the American ideals of freedom and independence. A true American woodsman, Daniel Boone is remembered for his exploration of Kentucky and the establishment i...

Henry Hudson : seeking the Northwest Passage —Gleason, Carrie, 1973-

A look at the life of English explorer Henry Hudson, his four voyages in search of a northern passage from Europe to Asia, and his legacy.

Jacques Cartier : exploring the St. Lawrence River —Lackey, Jennifer, 1969-

A look at the life of Jacques Cartier, the French explorer whose expeditions led to the building of French settlements at the present day cities of Montréal and Quebec City.

Hernando Cortés : Spanish invader of Mexico —Zronik, John Paul, 1972-

Learn about the Spanish conqueror's invasion of Mexico.

Sir John Franklin : the search for the Northwest Passage —Knudsen, Anders.

A look at the life of Sir John Franklin, an Arctic explorer, who mysteriously vanished with his crew on his third attempt to find the Northwest Passage, a sailing route through the present-day Canadian Arctic Ocean.

Francisco Pizarro : journeys through Peru and South America —Zronik, John Paul, 1972-

A look at the life of Spanish explorer Francisco Pizarro who conquered the Inca empire and claimed Peru for Spain.

Sir Walter Raleigh : founding the Virginia colony —Ward, Nancy, 1971-

Examines the early life and explorations of Sir Walter Raleigh and Raleigh's legacy. When England's Queen Elizabeth I asked Sir Walter Raleigh to search for new lands to claim and colonize, her loyal subject pledged to f...

Vasco da Gama : quest for the spice trade —Bailey, Katharine, 1980-

A look at the life of Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama, the first European to establish an ocean trade route to India.

Ponce de Leon : exploring Florida and Puerto Rico —Eagen, Rachel, 1979-

A brief biography of the Spanish explorer Ponce de León who first came to the New World with Columbus, went on to become governor of Puerto Rico, and while searching for the Fountain of Youth landed in Florida and claim...

Hillary & Norgay : to the top of Mount Everest —Whipple, Heather.

A look at the lives of Sir Edmond Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, the first mountain climbers to reach the top of Mount Everest in 1953.

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