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How I survived middle school who's got spirit —Krulik, Nancy E.
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"It's fall spirit week and the Pops have established their own exclusive "pep squad," complete with matching outfits! Jenny and her friends counter with their own plan to show off their school pride, and it's pretty incr...

Can you get an F in lunch? —Krulik, Nancy E.

Jenny McAfee is ready to start sixth grade with her best friend Addie, but Addie has plans of ditching Jenny for the Pops - the coolest seventh graders in school.

I heard a rumor —Krulik, Nancy E.

The debut of the Madame X gossip column has turned Joyce Kilmer Middle School upside down. Whoever Madame X is, she's got her finger on the pulse of the school-- and the power to turn friends against one another by sprea...

I thought we were friends —Krulik, Nancy E.

It's Career Day at school, and Jenny's favorite aunt, the art director at a greeting card company, comes to speak. When her aunt takes interest in Jenny's friend Liza's artwork, Jenny is thrilled. But when her aunt wants...

The new girl —Krulik, Nancy E.

When their school holds a fund-raising carnival, Jenny and her rival Addie make a bet that each girl will raise more money than the other, and the loser will have to wear her pajamas to school.

It's all downhill from here —Krulik, Nancy E.

When school at Joyce Kilmer Middle School is cancelled due to a snowstorm, Jenny is the only student who is not excited because her former best friend Addie, whose mom has to work, is spending the day at Jenny's house.

P.S. I really like you —Krulik, Nancy E.

Jenny is trying to discover the identity of the secret admirer who has been sending notes to her, while her two friends stop talking to each other.

Cheat sheet —Krulik, Nancy E.

When one of Jenny's friends, not known for her high marks, is a finalist in the annual statewide history test challenge, rumours spread that she's a cheater.

Caught in the web —Krulik, Nancy E.

A webcast ratings war heats up between Jenny and her friends and the Pops.

Wish upon a star —Krulik, Nancy E.

When Addie's promise to get superstar pop singer Cody Tucker to sing at the annual winter dance turns out to be a lie, Jenny must come to her rescue.

Into the woods —Krulik, Nancy E.

When the sixth and seventh graders spend a week at Camp Einstein, things go from bad to worse for Jenny when she's paired up with her former BFF Addie for trust exercises.

How the Pops stole Christmas —Krulik, Nancy E.

"Winter break is approaching and everyone at Joyce Kilmer Middle School is in the holiday spirit. Jenny can't wait for the holidays, but her good mood quickly evaporates when she picks Dana as her "Secret Snowflake" in ...