4 Results
4 Results
System overload : an unofficial Minecrafter's adventure —Cheverton, Mark, author.

When more glitches appear in the Minecraft world, Gameknight and his friends must travel deep underground to face the remains of Herobrine's henchmen and stop the server from overloading.

Overworld in flames : an unofficial novel —Cheverton, Mark, author.

"Mysterious fires are burning the Overworld to the ground! The NPCs of Minecraft barely had time to celebrate their victory over the spider queen and the king of the skeletons before terrible new crimes broke the hard-ea...

The phantom virus Gameknight999: Herobrine's Revenge Series, Book 1. —Cheverton, Mark.

Herobrine has crafted an evil game for Gameknight999 to play.Herobrine, the artificially intelligent virus, was deleted. The computer it resided in was completely destroyed. Without their leader, the few survivors of its...