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35 Results
It's not easy being mean —Harrison, Lisi.

Massie returns to school and hopes to find a key to a secret room in the school while the other clique members deal with their various issues.

P.S. I loathe you : a Clique novel —Harrison, Lisi.

When the Pretty Committee deems its boy-fast null and void, boy fever sweeps through BOCD. What better way to back handspring into new crush Dempsey's heart than cheer for him on the soccer field? And just like that, Mas...

A tale of two pretties : a clique novel —Harrison, Lisi.

As the girls face some tough decisions and some life-changing events, the Pretty Committee may come to an end.

My little phony : a Clique novel —Harrison, Lisi.

As the holidays approach, Massie, Alicia, Dylan, Kristen, and Claire deal with budget woes, boy friends and each other in the continuing adventures of the Clique.

Dial L for loser : a clique novel —Harrison, Lisi.

Just as the Pretty Committee is getting bored with being expelled and Massie begins worrying about losing her spot as the most popular girl, Claire is cast in a Hollywood film, and as Massie and Alicia report live from t...

The Pretty Committee strikes back : a Clique novel —Harrison, Lisi.

While on a seventh-grade school trip, Claire attempts to mend her relationship with Cam while Massie seeks to maintain her high social standing and receive her first kiss.

Sealed with a diss : a Clique novel —Harrison, Lisi.

The Clique has finally found the key to OCD's secret room, but before they can claim the ah-mazing hideout as their own, alpha eight grader Skye Hamilton has one last test for Massie: she has to hook Skye up with hawt hi...

Invasion of the boy snatchers : a Clique novel —Harrison, Lisi.

Following Christmas break, the girls are back together, but everything seems different with the addition of Alicia's cousin from Spain who is spending the semester at Octavian Country Day School.

Claire : a Clique novel / by Lisi Harrison. —Harrison, Lisi.

Back in Orlando for the summer, twelve-year-old Claire has difficulty connecting with her former best friends, but decides to prove her loyalty by entering Kissimmee's Miss Kiss beauty pageant.

Dylan : a Clique novel —Harrison, Lisi.

After Dylan gets dumped by two boys at the end of seventh grade, she goes with her mom to Hawaii. There she meets a tennis-obsessed boy, who she tries to get to notice her.

Kristen : a Clique novel —Harrison, Lisi.

As the only member of the Pretty Committee clique not going on an exotic summer vacation, middle-schooler Kristen might just find romance sticking around to tutor math and attend a secret summer school for gifted student...

Boys r us —Harrison, Lisi.

Massie, hurt that friends have caught the eyes of boys she was interested in, hires actresses to pretend to be her new friends while Claire, who feels somehow responsible, makes a dramatic move to set things right.

Massie : a Clique novel —Harrison, Lisi.

When Massie Block gets kicked out of her Westchester riding camp, her parents make her find a summer job. She becomes a sales rep for the cosmetics brand Be Pretty, but discovers transforming regular girls into glam girl...

The clique : a novel —Harrison, Lisi.

Wealthy Massie is determined to exclude middle class Claire, the daughter of her father's old friend, from her seventh-grade clique at a very exclusive private school in Westchester, New York, but after Massie steals her...

Alicia : a Clique novel —Harrison, Lisi.

While in Spain visiting relatives, Alicia discovers that Europe's newest pop sensation is searching for a true Spanish beauty to star in his new video. Alicia knows she has a good shot, but she'll have to beat her attrac...

These boots are made for stalking : a Clique novel —Harrison, Lisi

Now that the Pretty Committee is no longer boycotting boys, the eighth-grade friends cannot decide who has a crush on whom, putting the Clique in jeopardy again.

Charmed and dangerous : the rise of the Pretty Committee : the Clique prequel —Harrison, Lisi.

Four betas and their alpha--Massie Block, Alicia Rivera, Dylan Marvil, Kristen Gregory, and Claire Lyons--"clique" at the New Year's Yves party.

Best friends for never —Harrison, Lisi.

A bet about wardrobes between the wealthy Massie and middle-class Claire results in a testing of old friendships, a forging of new ones, and a change for the student body at Octavian Country Day School.

Charmed and dangerous : the rise of the Pretty Committee : the Clique prequel —Harrison, Lisi.

Once upon a time, in Westchester and Orlando, there were four betas just waiting for their alpha. It took a miracle to bring the Pretty Committee together--or rather, one miraculous-and fabulous-New Year's Eve party.

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