19 Results
19 Results
How to paint —Allman, Ricky, teacher.

Since the earliest days of human society, we have been painters. Lining ancient cave walls, the oldest known paintings in the world date back over 50,000 years. Despite the fact that painting is such an integral part of ...

Fighting misinformation : digital media literacy

"Learn how to reduce the threat of misinformation from local, national, and international sources and ensure the validity of the information you share." -- Container.

An introduction to infectious diseases

This course will take you on a voyage through the fascinating world of infectious diseases. You will travel through the centuries and right up to current outbreaks of new, emerging and often deadly diseases. You will tra...

Fundamentals of photography II

"Now, in Fundamentals of Photography II, a vibrant and vital continuation of our best-selling Fundamentals of Photography, you'll hone your skills, improve your ability to optimize picture-perfect moments, and capture ja...

The everyday guide to beer

Tour the fascinating world of beer and brewing with one of the pioneers of the industry.

Learning to play guitar : chords, scales, and solos

Learn how to read music and play the guitar from a master of the instrument.

The instant sommelier choosing your best wine

"There are so many wines in the world. Open new doors as you open new bottles and learn how to find the ones that are right for you."--Container.

The guide to birding in North America —Currie, James Alexander, author.

In these 24 highly enjoyable lectures, National Geographic takes you into the multifaceted world of birding, focusing on the astonishing range of bird species in North America. With its wide spectrum of wildlife habitats...

Polar explorations

Delve into the fascinating history, science, culture, and wildlife of Antarctica and the Arctic -- and learn to photograph them like a pro -- in this educational adventure from National Geographic and The Great Courses

The great tours African safari.

"Take an exhilarating voyage into Africa with an experienced safari guide who will show you the amazing diversity and beauty of the continent."--Container.

Raising emotionally and socially healthy kids

"Dr. Kennedy-Moore's expert knowledge and focus on practicality, coupled with her warmth and gentle humor make this course a delight. These fun and fascinating videos will give you the solution-oriented approach you need...

Discovering your roots : an introduction to genealogy

This course of 15 half-hour lectures presents different procedures for locating sources of ancestors' records in America.

The great tours Greece and Turkey from Athens to Istanbul

Through Professor Hale's vibrant commentary and extensive field footage, you discover monumental ancient cities, classical ruins, temples, shrines, fortresses, stadiums, theaters, churches, and palaces. In each site, you...