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6 Results
A field guide to the planets

"Get to know the planets, moons, asteroids, comets, exoplanets, and more as a distinguished professor reveals the secrets of the solar system." -- Container.

Introduction to astrophysics —Winn, Joshua N., teacher.

Everyone loves to see the beauty of the star-studded night sky, but how many of us understand what makes stars shine, where Saturn's rings come from, or why galaxies have their distinctive shapes. Observational astronomy...

The human body how we fail, how we heal

The body is a fortress under constant assault. It faces threats from infectious diseases, parasites, allergens, environmental toxins, physical trauma, and natural disasters from without, to overzealous allergic, immune,...

The great questions of philosophy and physics

"This lecture series examines the philosophical questions raised by our best scientific theories about matter, energy, space, and time. We will set our contentious philosophical problems that arise out of our attempt to...

The world's greatest geological wonders : 36 spectacular sites

This course takes you to the world's most spectacular geological wonders, explains the forces that have formed them, and tells you the stories that have grown up around them.