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8 Results
Cecile : gates of gold —Casanova, Mary.

In 1711, twelve-year-old Cʹecile Revel unexpectedly gets the chance to serve Louis XIV's sister-in-law at the palace of Versailles, but instead of a dream come true, life at court proves to be complicated and precarious....

Isabel : taking wing —Dalton, Annie.

In 1592, twelve-year-old Isabel dreams of adventure and finds it, not only on her journey from her London home to her aunt's manor house in Northamptonshire, but also through the healing arts her aunt teaches her.

Minuk : ashes in the pathway —Hill, Kirkpatrick.

Twelve-year-old Minuk's traditional Eskimo way of life is changed forever in 1892 with the arrival of Christian missionaries.

Kathleen : the Celtic knot —Parkinson, Siobhán.

Twelve-year-old Dubliner Kathleen Delaney is given the chance to take Irish dancing lessons in 1937 and discovers she has a talent for it.

Leyla : the black tulip —Croutier, Alev Lytle, 1944-

While trying to help her financially destitute family, twelve-year-old Leyla ends up on a slave ship bound for Istanbul, then in the beautiful Topkapi Palace, where she discovers that life in the sheltered world of the p...

Saba : under the hyena's foot —Kurtz, Jane.

After being kidnapped and brought to the emperor's palace in Gondar, Ethiopia, twelve-year-old Saba discovers that she and her brother are part of the emperor's desperate attempt to consolidate political power in the mid...

Spring Pearl : the last flower —Yep, Laurence, 1948-

Called boyish by her new family for being able to read and write, twelve-year-old, orphaned Spring Pearl's "odd ways" help save the family during the 1857 Opium War in Canton, China.

Neela : victory song —Divakaruni, Chitra Banerjee, 1956-

In 1939, twelve-year-old Neela meets a young freedom fighter at her sister's wedding and soon after must rely on his help when her father fails to return home from a march in Calcutta against British occupation.