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18 Results
Hello, Nebulon! —O'Ryan, Ray, author.

Moving from Earth to the futuristic planet Nebulon in 2120, eight-year-old Zack is nervous about starting school and meeting people.

Monsters in space! —O'Ryan, Ray, author.

Zack is shocked to find a large, green, six-eyed creature sitting in his place at school one morning, but soon learns that he and the "monster" have a lot in common.

Journey to Juno —O'Ryan, Ray, author.

On the planet Nebulon in 2120, Zack joins his school's Explorer's Club and visits Juno, a planet made of crystals, but he is less than thrilled when he is partnered with the class bully.

Science fair disaster! —O'Ryan, Ray, author.

When his project malfunctions during the Intergalactic Science Fair, will Zack, a boy from Earth living on the planet Nebulon, be able get things under control before disaster erupts?

The prehistoric planet —O'Ryan, Ray, author.

Zack and his father are invited to join the Nebulon Navigators as they set out to return a lost baby pterosaur to the Prehistoric Planet, where Zack sees animals and plants he had only read about in books.

Space camp —O'Ryan, Ray, author.

Will troublesome cabin mates ruin Zack's summer at space camp on the planet Sylvan?

Drake makes a splash! —O'Ryan, Ray, author.

When summer arrives on Nebulon, Zack discovers that his best friend, Drake, is afraid to learn to swim and decides to teach him before they go on a trip to water-covered planet Araxie.

Three's a crowd! —O'Ryan, Ray, author.

Zack is thrilled when his best friend on Earth, Bert Jones, visits for the weekend. But when Zack introduces Bert to Drake, his best friend on Nebulon, trouble begins.

Ready, set, blast off! —O'Ryan, Ray, author.

Picked to represent their planet Nebulon in the Interstellar Space Race, Zack and his friends navigate their specially designed car through an underwater maze, around planetary rings, and through the stars! But when trou...

Return to Earth! —O'Ryan, Ray, author.

"Zack is headed back to Earth for the first time since moving to Nebulon. He can't wait to see Bert and show his new friend, the former bully Seth Stevens, all around his old stomping grounds. When Zach's dog Luna escape...

Operation twin trouble —O'Ryan, Ray, author.

Zack's twin sisters are best friends, but when the two get into an argument while visiting another planet, Zack finds himself stuck in the middle of a tricky twin situation.

A galactic Easter! —O'Ryan, Ray, author.

Zack and Drake venture to Gluco, the candy planet, for some Easter fun but while competing in such activities as an egg toss and a three-legged race, Zack is so determined to come in first that he considers cheating to w...

The annoying crush —O'Ryan, Ray, author.

Zack is happy to test a new android his father helped develop for Nebulonics before she goes into production, but her ability to learn causes problems when she develops a crush on Zack after watching a romantic movie.

A green Christmas! —O'Ryan, Ray, author.

When a cosmic storm hits, stranding the Nelsons on their new home planet, Nebulon, Zack's hopes of a white Christmas in Vermont are dashed, but Nebulon provides a surprising alternative.

Snow place like home —O'Ryan, Ray, author.

The Nelsons are heading for a winter vacation on a great new planet with Zack's best friend, Drake, and the boys can't wait to dive into the winter games, but at the resort, Zack realizes there are a bunch of hurdles he ...

Cosmic blackout! —O'Ryan, Ray, author.

Zack loves everything about his new planet, Nebulon, until there is a complete cosmic blackout and he must try to function without his Indoor Robotic Assistant and hyperphone.

A haunted Halloween —O'Ryan, Ray, author.

Although Halloween is not celebrated on the planet Nebulon, Zach, a boy from Earth, discovers that ghosts may be real.

Galaxy Zack : Hello, nebulon! ; Journey to juno ; The prehistoric planet —O'Ryan, Ray.

Good-bye, Earth! Join Zack Nelson on his galactic adventures as he moves from Earth to Nebulon in the year 2120, explores a newly deiscovered planet, and helps a dinosaur return to its prehistoric home in the out-of-this...