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22 Results
John Candy comedy favourites collection

Uncle Buck: Uncle Buck has a reputation for being unreliable and a bit of a house wrecker. It is therefore with reluctance, his sister-in-law agrees to leave Buck looking after her three kids - two harmless youngsters an...

Don Knotts reluctant hero pack.

He's one of the most popular and admired funnymen of all time, a master of comic timing and physical humor. Now four of the classic films starring the delightful Don Knotts are available for the first time in this collec...

Conan the complete quest.

Traces the saga of Conan's search for vengeance as he battles the armies of darkness in his unforgettable quest to save mankind.

Clint Eastwood, western icon collection

High plains drifter: When "The Stranger" rides into the sin-ridden town of Lago, bullets fly as he battles three ruthless gunmen in a pulse-pounding shoot-'em-up.

Tremors attack pack.

"Those relentless, man-eating creatures from below are back in the groundbreaking 'Tremors attack pack' collection."

Seuss celebration 9 favorite televised classics.

The cat in the hat: Two youngsters find themselves bored at home, but when the mischievous Cat in the Hat arrives, they're cat-apulted into a day of rousing, romping antis. The Lorax: The Lorax tells the story of the gre...

The mummy collector's set.

[The Mummy] In 1923 deep in the Egyptian desert, adventurer Rick and Egyptologist Evelyn unearth a 3,000 year old legacy of terror, they free Imhotep's mummy from his eternal prison. Imhotep, the Egyptian high priest mum...

John Wayne an American icon : 5 movie collection.

A Navy officer falls in love in "Seven sinners." A moonshiner must struggle with his family's past in "The shepherd of the hills." In a rags-to-riches tale of frindship, love and power are brought together in "Pittsburgh...

Mae West the glamour collection.

"Night after night": A successful ex-boxer buys a high-class speakeasy and falls for a rich society girls. "I'm no angel": The bold Tira works as a dancing beauty and lion tamer at a fair. "Goin' to town": Cleo Borden is...

Marlene Dietrich the glamour collection.

In Morocco "the Foreign Legion marches in to Mogador with booze and women in mind just as singer Amy Jolly arrives from Paris to work at Lo Tinto's cabaret. That night, legionnaire Tom Brown catches her inimitably seduct...

The Bela Lugosi collection

This collection includes: Murders in the Rue Morgue, The Black Cat (1934), The Raven, The Invisible Ray, and Black Friday, all on one disc.

John Wayne. Screen legend collection. Disc 3, Hellfighters. Rooster Cogburn = Une Bible et un fusil

Hellfighters: A demolition specialist battles a perilous oil-well fire and hopes to reunite with his daughter and the wife who left him 20 years ago.

Tom Hanks comedy favorites collection

The money pit: A young couple struggles to repair a hopelessly dilapidated house.

The Munsters two-movie fright fest

Munster, go home: After Fred inherits an uncle's English estate, the Munster family goes to England where Fred uncovers a counterfeiting ring and upholds the family honor by driving his Drag-u-la special in the annual ro...

Bing Crosby

Waikiki wedding: a press agent must deal with a beauty pageant winner who is finding her grand prize trip to Hawaii less than paradise.

John Wayne. Screen legend collection. Disc 2, The spoilers. The war wagon
DVD] = La Caravane De Feu
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The spoilers: Adventure classic about gold and greed in an Alaskan boomtown during the 1890s.

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