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There's a Fly Guy in my soup —Arnold, Tedd, author.

When Fly Guy is not allowed in the restaurant with Buzz's family he follows his nose and ends up in the soup.

Buzz Boy and Fly Guy —Arnold, Tedd, author.

Buzz creates a comic book that features Buzz Boy and Fly Guy as the superheroes.

Attack of the 50-foot Fly Guy —Arnold, Tedd, author, illustrator.

When Fly Guy snacks from a radioactive trash can, he grows until he is fifty feet tall--and Buzz has to find out a way to counteract the effect before the army attacks his pet.

Fly Guy presents : insects —Arnold, Tedd.

Fly Guy is buzzing around outside today learning about insects.

Prince Fly Guy —Arnold, Tedd, author.

Buzz is writing a fairy tale for homework, and Fly Guy naturally assumes the role of a handsome prince, who fends off a giant and rescues a beautiful princess.

I spy Fly Guy! —Arnold, Tedd, author.

While playing hide-and-seek with Buzz, Fly Guy is taken away by a garbage man.

Hooray for Fly Guy! —Arnold, Tedd, author.

Fly Guy joins Buzz's football team, despite Coach's misgivings, and hits the field for a special, secret play.

Hi, Fly Guy! —Arnold, Tedd.

When Buzz captures a fly to enter in The Amazing Pet Show, his parents and the judges tell him that a fly cannot be a pet, but Fly Guy proves them wrong.

Why, Fly Guy? : a big question & answer book —Arnold, Tedd, author, illustrator.

"Come along with Fly Guy as he asks (and answers!) over 100 "why?" questions! Why do I have to brush my teeth? Why do cats climb trees if they can't get down? Why do elephants have trunks? And more! There are also scienc...

Super Fly Guy —Arnold, Tedd, author.

Fly Guy visits the school cafeteria and gets the lunch lady fired.

Fly Guy presents : dinosaurs —Arnold, Tedd, author.

During a visit to a natural history museum, Fly Guy and Buzz learn all about dinosaurs.

A pet for Fly Guy —Arnold, Tedd, author, illustrator.

In this first Fly Guy picture book, Buzz tries to help Fly Guy find the right pet.

Fly Guy presents : weird animals —Arnold, Tedd, author, illustrator.

"Fly Guy is buzzing to learn all about the world's weirdest animals!"-- Provided by publisher.

Fly Guy and the alienzz —Arnold, Tedd, author, illustrator.

Buzz is filming a movie about aliens from Outer Space, who capture Fly Guy and Buzz Boy--and our two heroes must outsmart the aliens, with some help from Dragon Dude and Fly Girl.

Fly Guy and the Frankenfly —Arnold, Tedd, author.

Buzz has a nightmare that his best friend Fly Guy has created a gigantic Frankenfly monster.

Ride, Fly Guy, ride! —Arnold, Tedd, author.

While riding in the car with Buzz and his father, Fly Guy gets blown out of the window and finds himself riding in a truck, then a boat, a train, an airplane, and maybe even a rocket.

Fly guy presents: castles —Arnold, Tedd, author, illustrator.

"Children across the nation voted for the topic of this Fly Guy Presents book, and the winning topic was... CASTLES! On their latest field trip, Fly Guy and Buzz learn all about castles: from drawbridges and dungeons to ...

Fly high, fly guy! —Arnold, Tedd, author.

When Buzz, his parents, and his pet fly go on a road trip and get lost, Fly Guy comes to the rescue to help them find their way home.

Shoo, Fly Guy! —Arnold, Tedd, author.

A pet fly searches for his favorite brown, oozy, lumpy, smelly food.

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