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22 Results
Beware the dark side —Beecroft, Simon.

Discusses the evil characters found in the Star wars films.

Star Wars. Galactic crisis! —Windham, Ryder.

Recounts the series of events responsible for the transformation of Anakin Skywalker into Darth Vader.

Welcome to Heartlake City —Murray, Helen.

Describes the people and activities in the Lego city of Heartlake City.

Transformers energon. Terrorcon attack —Donkin, Andrew.

Nearly destroyed by the Transformers, the evil Unicron unleashes a new weapon against Earth and its bases in the Asteroid Belt.

D-day landings : the story of the Allied invasion —Platt, Richard.

Describes the background, events, and consequences of the Allied landing in Normandy, France on June 6, 1944.

Epic battles —Beecroft, Simon.

Discusses the epic battles from the Star wars films, including the people and technology involved in them.

The story of Wolverine —Teitelbaum, Michael.

Describes how a frail child becomes the super hero Wolverine.

Star wars, the clone wars : Jedi adventures —Scott, Heather.

Follows the illustrated adventures of Jedi Ahsoka, Anakin, and Luminara Unduli during the dangerous times of the Clone Wars, and includes informational sidebars about various characters, equipment, and terms from the "St...

Megatron returns —Donkin, Andrew.

Alpha-Q hopes that by bringing Megatron back to life, he will have an ally in his effort to reawaken the evil Unicron, but Megatron has plans of his own and will let nothing stand in his way.

The rise of Iron Man —Teitelbaum, Michael.

Discover how a genius became the superhero Iron Man, and learn about some of his best battles.

Fantastic Four : evil adversaries —Beecroft, Simon.

An introduction to the enemies of the team of super heroes known as the Fantastic Four.

Snow dogs! : racers of the north —Whitelaw, Ian, 1953-

Describes the sport of sled dog racing, including its history, equipment, races, and what it takes to be a successful musher.

Greatest battles —Manning, Matthew K.

Tells the stories of the greatest battles of the heroes of the Marvel Comics universe.

The spy-catcher gang —Kelly, John.

"A tale of bombing raids, suspicious strangers, and a hidden suitcase in the London Blitz"--Cover.

The search for buried treasure —Rathbone, W.

Follow Indy as he hunts for ancient and valuable artifacts in highlights from his most memorable movie adventures.

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