14 Results
14 Results
Teen Titans. The complete fifth season

The teen scene is over for these adolescent phenoms--Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy and Raven--as they launch into a feud with the ultimate team of villains: The Brotherhood of Evil. Led by criminal mastermind Brain,...

Teen Titans. The complete fourth season

It's Raven's birthday and the Teen Titans are ready to celebrate, all except the birthday girl who dreads the day each year because she knows an awful secret surrounds her birth. Her worst fear comes true when a villain ...

Teen titans. The complete first season

With awesome super skills and powers galore, these crimefighting partners kick butt and squash evil like nobody else. At roommates in Titans Tower, it's every hero for himself when it comes to living in peace. Not even s...

The Batman. The complete second season

In these 13 action-packed episodes, Gotham's greatest protector stumps Riddler and other favorite villains like Joker, Mr. Freeze, and Penguin, and his obsession with justice earns the trust of up-and-coming police detec...

Teen Titans. The complete second season

Dangerous enemy or lifelong friend? That's the question of Season 2 when Terra, a free-spirited teen with awesome earth-manipulating powers, rolls into town.

The batman. The complete 1st season

Contains 13 adventures from the animated series.

The Batman. The complete fifth season

Gotham City teems with heroes as criminal masterminds from around the globe make their way to Batman's turf in one action-packed animated adventure after another. Drawn by Wayne Industries' technological advances, villai...

The Batman. Volume 1, Training for power

Three episodes from the all-new The Batman animated TV series. The Batman meets three formidable foes for the very first time -- The Joker, The Penguin, and Bane.

Teen Titans. The complete third season

The cunning villain Blood Brother has his mind set on controlling the world, and it's up to the Teen Titans to stop him. There's one problem: only Cyborg is immune to Blood Brother's mind-controlling powers.

The Batman. The complete third season

Season 3 introduces a young Barbara Gordon, who becomes Batgirl and plays a major role along with her father, James Gordon. More villains are added to the series, like Poison Ivy (who is originally Barbara's best friend)...

The Batman. The complete fourth season

Young Batman further establishes himself as Gotham City's steadfast protector as he confronts, for the first time ever, each of his now-familiar foes! The introduction of Robin as a trusty sidekick makes this season espe...

Batman, the animated series. Secrets of the caped crusader

The Caped Crusader takes on Gotham's toughest criminals-- Catwoman, an invisible crook, and his archenemy Mr. Freeze.

Teen titans. Season 2, volume 1, Fear itself

Contains the first 6 episodes of the second season.