11 Results
11 Results
How things are made

Describes the origins of and materials used in making a variety of objects, including paint, wool, glass, and plastics.

The human body —Henry-Biabaud, Chantal.

Describes the human body, all its organs and systems, and things people can do to keep their bodies healthy.

Exotic wildlife. —Lazier, Christine.

A brief look at a wide variety of exotic animal species such as monkeys, elephants, and jungle cats.

Animals around us. —Barbey, Dorine.

Describes the behaviors and life cycles of various animals, from dogs, cats, and sheep to mice, bats, and birds as well as how they interact with humans.

World agriculture

Presents an historical perspective in a description of how all kinds of plant and animal foods from around the world are grown, harvested, and consumed.

Exploring nature

Describes the many ways in which humans use nature and how animals and plants exist in the wild.

Inventing our world

Traces the history of inventions from prehistoric times to the present.

People at work

Describes various careers and occupations of people around the world, including farmers, lumberjacks, and construction workers.

Amazing creatures

Examines the characteristics and behavior of a multitude of animals, from prehistoric sea creatures to the birds, mammals, and insects of today.

Planet earth —Costa de Beauregard, Diane.

Describes the earth's seasons, climate, weather, oceans, volcanoes, and other features, and explains how the solar system affects them.