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14 Results
Did you mean? Contemprary world issues
Substance abuse : a reference handbook —Newton, David E.

Examines the background and history of substance abuse, looks at problems, controversies, and solutions related to drug abuse, provides a world perspective on the issue, and includes a chronology, biographical sketches o...

War crimes and justice a reference handbook —Ball, Howard, 1937-

This book includes an introduction to the identification of war crimes and the need for war crimes tribunals, a chronology of events that triggered the adoption of international laws of war, and information on a permanen...

World poverty : a reference handbook —Gilbert, Geoffrey, 1948-

Presents a series of essays by professional writers and scholars on the subject of world poverty and addresses issues such as immigration and open border ethics, health and education, agricultural subsidies as well as pr...

Gay And Lesbian Issues A Reference Handbook. —Stewart, Chuck.

Gay and Lesbian Issues: A Reference Handbook traces the developments, people, and organizations responsible for bringing homosexual issues to the public's attention. In addition to exploring such controversial issues as ...

Cybercrime : a reference handbook —Schell, Bernadette H. (Bernadette Hlubik), 1952-

Presents an overview of cybercrime and covers topics such as the history and types of cybercrime, controversies surrounding cybercrime, and recommended solutions to the problem. Also includes biographical sketches of cyb...

Medical tourism : a reference handbook —Stolley, Kathy S.

"From exotic spa treatments to euthanasia, this book examines the background and social context of medical tourism-- the practice of traveling for health care. This work also documents how this industry is reshaping the ...

The internet and society : a references handbook —Schell, Bernadette H. (Bernadette Hlubik), 1952-

An examination of the social impact of the Internet, this volume explores political, social, technical, legal, and economic controversies in a manner accessible to the general reader.