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154 Results
The fur trade and the opening of Canada

A chronicle of the Fur Trade and the exploration of Canada designed for schools and public libraries -- Cover.

Building of the C.P.R. 1871-1885. —Mayles, Stephen, 1944-

Traces the history of the Canadian Pacific Railway discussing the men and political struggles involved in its construction.

Canada in the global age —Craats, Rennay.

A brief history of Canada focusing on the period of World War II to the end of the 20th century.

Mining and communities in Northern Canada : history, politics, and memory

"For indigenous communities throughout the globe, mining has been a historical forerunner of colonialism, introducing new, and often disruptive, settlement patterns and economic arrangements. Although indigenous communit...

Louis Riel : rebel of the western frontier or victim of politics and prejudice? —Bowsfield, Hartwell.

"The story of a dynamic early Canadian activist who led the 1869 protest against government indifference to minority rights."-- Amazon.com

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