7 Results
7 Results
The black tower —Byars, Betsy

Herculeah Jones gets involved in another dangerous mystery when she goes to visit old Mr. Shivers Hunt, resident of the forbidding Hunt House.

Dead letter —Byars, Betsy

Herculeah Jones and her best friend Meat set out to crack the case of the mysterious note which she finds in the lining of a second-hand coat.

The dark stairs —Byars, Betsy

When Herculeah notices a man hanging around the "Dead Oaks" mansion, she can't resist doing some investigating.

Tarot says beware —Byars, Betsy

Herculeah Jones and her bumbling pal Meat investigate the murder of a palm reader.

King of murder —Byars, Betsy

Herculeah meets a murder mystery writer, and has the uneasy feeling that he knows more about murder than he should.

Death's door —Byars, Betsy

Super-sleuth Herculeah Jones's investigation of the attempted murder of Meat's uncle leads them to a mystery bookstore named Death's Door.

Disappearing acts —Byars, Betsy

Herculeah stumbles onto the trail of her friend Meat's long-lost father while she and Meat are investigating the disappearance of a dead body from the men's room of a comedy club.