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33 Results
Bad Kitty takes the test —Bruel, Nick, author, illustrator.

Because of a recent string of embarrassing behavior, Kitty's cat license has been revoked and she must take a test to get it back so she can still be a cat.

Bad Kitty camp daze —Bruel, Nick, author, illustrator.

Kitty's life is really hard. Like really, REALLY hard. All she asks for is twenty-two hours a day to sleep and food to be delivered morning and night. But does she get it? No. And when Puppy and Baby get a little rambunc...

Bad Kitty : Puppy's big day —Bruel, Nick, author, illustrator.

Uncle Murray takes Puppy on a walk on a day that Bad Kitty is being unusually difficult, but has several unpleasant encounters with a police officer and one mean dog along the way. Text is interspersed with information a...

Bad Kitty drawn to trouble —Bruel, Nick, author, illustrator.

Author/illustrator Nick Bruel tries to explain to the reader how to write a story, but Bad Kitty is not at all happy about the plot, which has her going on a turnip diet to lose weight. Includes a recipe for roasted turn...

Bad Kitty vs. the babysitter —Bruel, Nick, author, illustrator.

Bad behavior reigns when Kitty's owners leave Kitty and Puppy at home for a week with Uncle Murray as their pet sitter.

Bad Kitty for president —Bruel, Nick, author.

Kitty decides to run for President of the Neighborhood Cat Association.

Bad kitty goes to the vet —Bruel, Nick, author.

"Even the best bad kitties can get sick, and when it happens, it means just one thing: a visit to the vet!"--Provided by publisher.

Bad Kitty gets a bath —Bruel, Nick, author, illustrator.

Takes a humorous look at the normal way cats bathe, why it is inappropriate for humans to bathe that way, and the challenges of trying to give a cat a real bath with soap and water.

Happy birthday, Bad Kitty —Bruel, Nick, author, illustrator.

Happy Birthday, Bad Kitty is the second illustrated novel from bestselling author-illustrator Nick Bruel--now in full color! It's packed with deadpan humor, rich tidbits of cat information -- and even some suspense! Who ...

Bad Kitty, scaredy-cat —Bruel, Nick, author.

Bad Kitty is frightened by the creatures on Halloween, but when she sees all the holiday treats she decides to be a very bad kitty and chases the scary creatures away.

Bad Kitty vs. Uncle Murray : the uproar at the front door —Bruel, Nick, author.

Kitty's owners go away for a week, leaving Kitty and Puppy at home with Uncle Murray, who is driven to near madness by their antics.

Bad Kitty meets the baby —Bruel, Nick, author.

Bad Kitty is not pleased when a baby joins her family. Includes fun facts and tips for training a cat to perform tricks.

Bad Kitty school daze —Bruel, Nick, author, illustrator.

"When Kitty's owners have finally had enough of her bad behavior, it's time to ship her off to obedience school"--Provided by publisher.

Bad Kitty goes on vacation —Bruel, Nick, author, illustrator.

Kitty temporarily sets aside her plans for world domination to accompany her beloved Uncle Murray to Love Love Angel Kitty World, which proves to be adventurous in unexpected ways.

Bad Kitty —Bruel, Nick, author, illustrator.

When a kitty discovers there is no cat food in the house, she decides to become very, very bad.

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